Wednesday, March 2, 2011

who's that Zach

OK, when I first saw him John Robinson came to mind from Elephant. He looked as if he could be a cousin or a younger sibling. But I guess he looks like he could be a Jonah's brother, but I doubt he wants to hear that.

Yet, I'm sure he's getting just as many screams of delights as any boy band would. Move over Justin, Zach Porter just might steal your thunder. Highly unlikely, I'm sure. But he's making the rounds with ALLSTAR WEEKEND.

Zach with a fan.

And  I'm sure you'd hate to admit he was your new secret crush. With the help of the Disney Channel, his band is on its Suddenly Yours tour promoting their Suddenly Yours CD that came out this past October.

Back in 2009, Disney's N.B.T. (Next Big Thing) The ALLSTAR lost out even if they were the favorites. There debut last March, "A Different Side of Me," became a hit on Disney and well..I guess the rest is history. The band has been on the Disneymania playlist. But 2010 they've made appearences on Sunny with a Chance and even the movie LAST SONG. So things are looking good for the group, made up of lead singer Zach Porter, lead guitarist Nathan Darmody, bassist Cameron Quiseng, and drummer Michael Martinez. Disney might not hold on to them long. It'll be interesting to see if they grow out of the Disney industry or they'll  have to hang on to this network that has given them this big break.

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