Monday, March 21, 2011

What's going on with Holly J

As usual, the Degrassi writers like to bring some sort of illness to light on the show from time to time. Over the years its been STDs, and aids.

Now there is a mystery about over-stressed Holly J who can be the number one rich bitch on the show. Unfortunately, her parents lost their money in stocks and what not. She has had to keep her student grades up, be the student body president and head cheerleader. Along the way, kept up with rich dude Declan just to finally have a sweet relationship with Sav. She is played by Canadian Charlotte Arnold. And fans have love to hate her and now would hate for anything to be wrong with her character.

There has been speculation that she is diabetic. Some think its meningitis. Or even Lupus. Hopefully, we'll know by this Friday's episode just what it is. We know she's not pregnant.

Symptoms at the moment- Has a bad cough, acts like her throat is in pain, thirsty, sleepy, and feeling faint.

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