Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pretty Little Liars Spring Season Finale

I have to admit, I hated for the show to take a break. Especially after Caleb left. I was so mad at Hannah's so called bestie, Mona (played by the wonderful Janel Parrish). How could a friend do that to Hannah. Tear up a letter from Caleb. Then to conveniently have Hannah's phone and tell Caleb to get lost.

Oh, and the big find out that the police officer friend that has been trailing the girls is having some fun with Jena, as well. Still I love to hate Jena even if she is blind. And the big suspense builds with Spencer, even if she did get some lovely quiet sunny moments with Toby. All I can say, I am so glad they are giving Keegan Allan a chance to act. I love Toby and Spencer together. And just like Spencer, I don't want to see any flashbacks of Jena and Tobey.

Other big surprise..besides the final epic thing with Ian..Is Lucas (Brendan Robinson) bringing back Caleb (Tyler Blackburn). My second favorite couple on the show Caleb and Hannah. Although, I do wonder just how they can get back together. I guess the writers have some fun ahead of them. I have to admit Pretty Little Liars is on the top of my list of favorite shows. I didn't think it would be, but the actors, the characters and the storylines always leave me wanting more. & really, is Ian even dead.

Which will it be for Hannah? Lucas or Caleb?

I have to admit I thought Lucas was A for awhile.

Still I have to wonder who was in the hoodie. Hopefully, we'll find out in June. So much revealed in the finale, yet..I still feel we are back to square one, too.

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