Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oh what a Night....

Emily and Paige have a picnic
An adorable moment for Tobey and Spencer

Caleb might not be as sweet as we thought he was.

We should all know who Keegan Allan is now on Pretty Little Liars. True, his Tobey got the rotten deal in the beginning on the show as the bad guy who must have killed Evil Queen B of the mean girls, Alison. But things have turned around. And Spencer (Troian Bellisario), who once thought he was truly evil, is now hanging out with him in motel rooms... which turn out to be stake night out and SCRABBLE throw downs. If that's not enough, Caleb and Hannah(Tyler Blackburn&Ashley Benson) do more than just camping, Ari comes clean with Ezra about the whole Alison ordeal about what she and the girls went through one summer..oh and more, Paige and Emily(Lindsey Shaw&Shay Mitchell) hook up!

Tony played by James Newman
Michelle played by Rachel Thevenard

Over at MTV's SKINS...Possibly their best episode yet. "Michelle" is told by her principal that she's smart, but no one can see that with her horrible grades. What happened to her? She gets a wake up call when she finds out she has the 'clap'. Guess who is to blame? Tony, of course. This breaks up the pack, but Michelle is on the hunt to see just who has been with Tony. Tea, naturally, feels badly. And as Michelle put it.."This is the first time I've ever seen you cry, Tea?" Its hard to know if Michelle has really changed. But she has. She left town with Tea's girlfriend.

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