Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Well, Stan finally got the guts to express himself. And somebody was impressed. It was Caity who showed him the way, possibly. And then something natural happened. No drugs. Not even alcohol..spoiled the moment.

Eura played by Eleanor Zichy

In the finale, Stan sang SHOUT with some help from Caity. Of course, it was Tony's sister, silent Eura who got them together. Of course, it was Tea who might as well have hit Tony with a bus when she told him, "Sorry I did that to you.." After he said he loved her. Chris broke into the teacher's apartment while she went to North Dakota to live with her parents.

The show left you wanting more. It was great seeing these actors as well and characters evolved. I hope it'll be back for more. But a lot of people hated the idea of something like this on TV. It would just corrupt our youth. And some advertisers were leaving. Of course, these are things that don't bother MTV at all.

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