Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Kyle Gallner - his season of movies

He just can't help but find new roles to flush out the characters he should be.

In Beautiful Boy, he plays that boy that's every parents' nightmare.( I must admit right now, I've never seen anyone with fingers as long as his.) Aside from that that, well, he definitely pulls a range of emotion in this movie. Hopefully, it'll be out soon. Unfortunately, it is a touchy subject matter so I'm sure it might have a tough time getting distribution. But we'll see.

Beautiful Boy Movie Site.

Coming out in October (but I've heard rumor this month, or April) is a true American horror film, RED STATE. Its perhaps Pulp Fiction revisited, but this time with teenagers expecting something else when they are pulled in to a family of psycho religious freaks from an invitation on the Internet. This might be Kevin Smith's best film yet. Kyle Gallner along with a huge cast is part of this movie, exposing a middle America we might not want to know about. Again, he is fantastic with his animated abilities to convey humor to terror in an instant. He's also in LITTLE BIRDS that was just at Sundance in January with Kate Bosworth and Juno Temple and Kay Panabaker, a drama by Elgin James about two girls that runaway to L.A. with a group of skateboarders. Then there is Cougars, Inc. to be on the look out for too which is possibly more comedy.

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