Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Night Lights - TV show vs. the movie

The movie didn't come out until 2004 (The TV series 2006) about a true story that happened in Odessa, TX in 1988. The original story was strickly football about a west Texas high school team. The main actors were the coach Billy Bob Thorton, Garrett Hedlund and Lucas Black and of course, Derek Luke as Boobie Miles. Even so, in the movie we got a hint of these characters. Lucas Black's character, Mike who is faced with his grandmother's illness and Garrett Hedlund's Don who had to put up with his miserable drunk father Tim McGraw (the latter two would go on to make Country Strong, but these two did an award winning performance as father and son in FNL).

These two main characters, Don and Mike would be a bit like the TV characters, Tim Riggins (Taylor Kitsch) and Matt (Zach Gilford). And Connie Britton would be the coach's wife just as she was in the movie. Along with Brad Leland, who always put in his two cents worth into the game. However, I found Jeremy Sumpter's J.D. Mcoy, filling practically the same shoes of Garrett Hedlund's character on the TV show. Honestly, they look a lot  alike too. Those startling blue eyes. Except J.D. came from a rich family and Don didn't.

It was a  great the TV  series. It had a chance to be he movie's on fan fiction with Coach Taylor and his wife. The movie and the TV show both focused on the theme, Clear Eyes Full Heart. And I adored Kyle Chandler as the good harted coach, Eric Taylor who could bring a genuine truth to the football field, that the boys would take with them for the rest of their lives. While the movie wasn't really about winning, but about staying true to those around you. And I feel sure all those involved with the movie or the TV show were so grateful to be a part of that legacy.

It definitely gave so many young actors a way to hone in on their acting skills from Zach Roerig (Matt on Vampire Diaries) to Minka Kelly (The Roommate). Its amazing Friday Night Lights lasted until this past year. It was canceled so many times. Thankfully, DIRECT TV has let fans enjoy this show and helped NBC keep it going. Although, NBC will probably show the last season this summer. The show finally got to have its real finale. No dismal ending this time. It ends at Christmas just like the movie did.

Truly, the movie might have been a lot of football. Even so I can see why the writers and creators didn't want to let it go. Just like the movie, the TV show gets up, close and personal and you have a chance to know these characters like good friends you don't want to forget.

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