Monday, March 14, 2011

Battle L.A. - movie review

I think I've seen the worst movie by far this year. I hate to start it out this way. But the movie is so bad, but not that bad that its good. Still, my friend and I delighted ourselves half way through, at making fun of what would come next. And we were right.

Granted, it is a man's film, perhaps. Marine based. War against the aliens. However, these aliens looked like something we'd seen before in movies in the decade before as mostly mechanical, yet supposedly they'd been meshed with some sort of alien life-form.

Michelle doesn't mind getting messy or having to shout Military code jargon.

The movie started out sort of like a Friday Night Lights episode. Even the music reminded me of an episode. It introduces the cast, one by one of soldiers. Aaron Echart's Tech Sargent is on his last mission. Although, Ramon Rodriquez's Lt. Martinez is in control, its Echart's character that soon takes over because, after all, he knows a few tricks about fighting, maybe. After a stretch of cat and mouse with the aliens, trying to get to some police station, in comes Air Force's Elena played by that hard edged Michelle Rodriquez.

Ne-Yo with the best little actress in this film. Joey King showed so much fright on her face.

The film might have had more of a chance if the characters had been civilians, but in this case they are all so helpless.

Really, the film is a mess, with too much military lingo. Or silly lines like.."You remind me of my brother, he never talked, either..." Honestly, we never ever really get to know these folks too well, and if we did, well, they seem very expendable. You've got Ne-Yo in the cast as well as Noel Fisher and Bridget Moynahan. A lot of up and coming actors in TV and elsewhere. Still the film just didn't really go anywhere. Yet, very good propaganda for our Marines. They are like ever-ready batteries. They just keep ticking and ready for war.

TRIVIA: Very little of the film was actually shot in Los Angeles. Tax incentives brought the production to Louisiana where sets of Los Angeles streets were constructed.

STORYLINE : A Marine platoon faces off against an alien invasion in Los Angeles.

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