Monday, February 14, 2011

Sweet Note from the director of RECREATOR

I was fortunate enough to get a note from my GAP GUY article on Alexander Nifong about Alex's up coming movie.

"So glad you like Alex. I directed him in new movie Recreator where he plays two sides of the same character. It's a sci-fi thriller about cloning and identity and Alex is great in it. There's a trailer at Look for the movie to come out in heard it here first folks. Thanks Ivy." - G. Orr (Gregory Orr, Director and Writer of Recreator.) His interview with Sara Kramer about the movie.

This horror sci-fi thriller is said to be a throw back of the 80's. "It is a throwback to those movies, creepy, but fun and good to look at, with an ending that generates lots of discussion among test audiences." Orr explains.

The storyline is a group of teenagers stumble upon a secret lab and encounter superior versions of themselves.

The cast, not only includes Nifong but Stella Maeve from Gossip Girl and one of my favorite movies Remember the Daze. Jamal Mallory-Mcree is in the trio who goes camping in the beautiful Adirondacks. The flim was made on scenic Tupper Lake. With this sort of location and cast, this looks to be a very edgy horror film.  It gives a whole new meaning to being your own worst enemy.

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