Friday, February 18, 2011

Harmony - cd review

Harmony Channel

Christofer Drew better known as NEVERSHOUTNEVER has once again produced a very unique playlist of his life in music. There is something that reminds me of Ben Kweller from his first memorable CD  SHA-SHA back in 2002. Both have their originality and have worked with some great artists. And I feel sure these artists truly think of them as the real deal when it comes to song writing.

Of course, Drew had gone sort of the Emo route. Its said now he's the most hated in EMO. I dunno why. He's had some on again off again problems with labels, but it never fails he has the artistic ability to deliver.

He worked on some great songs with the band EATMEWHILEIMHOT(Screamo). But still he comes back to his acoustic beginnings as he has with HARMONY which came out this past August. Yet this time, he seems to have matured quite a bit in spite of that CD cover he chose. His songs are past the puppy love stage now. I'm not sure 'grit' is the word to use. Perhaps his fans have gotten older too. But truly in this CD he accomplishes to convey how life is really treating him. It might not be always about the love of his life. No, he's not that little boy from Missouri, anymore. He might be a dropout, but I think he's a whole lot smarter than he looks.

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