Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Down with Webster

Oh, those crazy Candian boy rappers. What do they know? Well, obviously something. Fans love their energy and so does Timberland. "That group is the most amazing and creative, innovative group that’s going to come out in 2010." He said about the band. Unfortunately, the band had already decided to go with Universal Motown. Even so, they opened for him on tour, more than a few times. These guys have made the Warp Tour back in 09. They've been in the company of Cute is what we Aim for and recently opened for  3OH!3 with other artists K-Flay and Hello-Goodbye. So things must be looking pretty good for this group. I recently found them on the playlist of a Degrassi episode. They were most definitely pumping up the moment of the 'basketball' segment with TO WIN IT. Volume 2 is to be out this year some time.

The group is made up of Cameron "Cam" Hunter—MC.Martin "Bucky" Seja—MC.Tyler Armes—bass guitar and keyboard Andrew "Marty" Martino—drums. Kyle "Kap Ten/Oneoh" Fairlie—hype man. Dave "Diggy" Ferris—DJ. Patrick "Pat" Gillett—vocals and guitar. And to think Down With Webster was originally formed for a middle school talent show in 1998.

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