Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Could it be?

Is that sleek trouser back? Has the controversial skinny jean done its do? Well, some can only hope. Some of those skinny jeans might as well have been leggings. Yet, they are great for winter here to wear with boots and a very slouchy sweater.

But it looks like spring might offer a different look. But who's to say what's really in, where ever you live. In spite of all that global warming and Internet togetherness making our world a smaller place, still where you live counts for something. Its the locals who'll put you in the spot. Where it is fashionable to wear your crocks to school, or pj bottoms on a regular basis, even huge bell bottom pants you can carry your books in a secret pocket at the cuff. Oh, those designers can wish all they want on making us stylish.

You just never know if its IN or OUT.

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