Thursday, February 10, 2011

Alex vs. Daniel

MTV's  SKINS has its Daniel Flaherty with is Michael Cera oblivious ways. He's certainly making Stan his own. There is something very typical about him..yet not. His character is possibly easily persuaded, and yet you just know, he really knows to do the right thing. Of course, he's a far cry from anyone's Knight in Shining Armour.

Yet, don't write the original SKINS off, yet. This third generation cast is made up of a remarkable cast. One in particular, Alexander Arnold as Rich Hardback. Honestly, Skins has transformed him, he's not that charming boy with the Justin Beiber haircut, anymore. No, just a metal head. I think soon enough, you'll see someone trying to transform into Rich with that hair(a throwback from the 70's). He's been teamed up with Grace and perhaps this might be a new phase for Skins. Of course, you aren't sure if he's on Grace's side, entirely. Is he helping a mate or just enjoying building a person up just to tear her down. She just might not be the mega metal girl he's dreaming of.

Jessica Sula as Grace

Who knows, I'm sure these two actors will grow up this season. Both are 17.

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