Monday, February 28, 2011

Naya vs. Shay

Both are so talented. Both come from multi-cultural background.

Naya Rivera has been on TV since she was practically a baby in the Royal Family and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. She was on the Bernie Mac Show before we knew her as Santana on Glee. She even played "nice girl" on 8 Simple Rules. But Glee has really shown her vocals. Santana is rather complex on Glee.

Shay Mitchell is Canadian and even served a bit time on Degrassi. Modeling was her start in the business. She was on Aaron Stone before she made her mark on Pretty Little Liars. Shay as Emily,  possibly has the best lesbian storyline around. Not just that. Best love story on the show. Also on Pretty Little Liars, she's is showing  her athletic abilities as a swimmer.

Its been said that these two look a lot alike. Perhaps. Just the same it would be great if they could both be in a film together.  Both are in their early twenties and still playing teenagers.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Perry Band

It doesn't hurt to have two adorable little brothers, either.

Country music just got sweeter with this fresh new band. Siblings at that. The Perry's. Kimberly, Reid and Neal. This musical trio(influenced by blue grass) was discovered by Garth Brooks' manager Bob Doyle. Kimberly Perry sang in her own band as a teenager with her brothers Neil and Reid working as roadies. In 2005, they joined New Faces of Country tour.
Kimberly is lead on vocals.

Their If I die Young has really struck an emotional chord with fans. Still, this fresh faced group has a great energy at their shows. Its said they are a new kind of country. Whatever it might be, its their voices, music and song writing that keeps their fans coming back for more.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

XXY - dvd review

This film was made in 2007 and in 2008 was up for an Oscar and the equivalent of an Oscar in Spain for best foreign film from Argentina.

Oh, its quite the tale. And you've got Inez Efron's eyes to light up the screen. She's 15 year old Alex, not sure if she wants to be a boy or a girl. And as she thinks on it, does she really have to decide. Especially, after meeting the surgeon's son, Alvaro (Martin Pioyansky) who has came to visit, he some how brings out the masculinity in her. He finds out a few things about himself too. Well, she's already punched her best friend, Vando (Luciano Nobile) out and is expelled from school.

Honestly, it a very original movie, by the sea. Her father is a scientist, taking care of the migration of sea turtles. There is just this natural aspect of the whole movie. How two families visit. How their lives are exposed. Especially, Alex who is bold and fierce at times, and yet she is their little girl.

The town boys take to her, to find out her secret. Its the moment you think Alex might never recover from. This movie raises a lot of questions about sexuality and looking at your own personality, as well. Its beautifully filmed. In Spanish with subtitles.

This is one of those movies you'll want to talk about, not just afterwards, but from time to time. Then you'll be looking for all of Inez Efron's other movies.

STORYLINE: This is the dramatic story of a 15-year-old hermaphrodite. She lives with her parents, who have to cope with the challenges of her medical condition.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Down with Webster

Oh, those crazy Candian boy rappers. What do they know? Well, obviously something. Fans love their energy and so does Timberland. "That group is the most amazing and creative, innovative group that’s going to come out in 2010." He said about the band. Unfortunately, the band had already decided to go with Universal Motown. Even so, they opened for him on tour, more than a few times. These guys have made the Warp Tour back in 09. They've been in the company of Cute is what we Aim for and recently opened for  3OH!3 with other artists K-Flay and Hello-Goodbye. So things must be looking pretty good for this group. I recently found them on the playlist of a Degrassi episode. They were most definitely pumping up the moment of the 'basketball' segment with TO WIN IT. Volume 2 is to be out this year some time.

The group is made up of Cameron "Cam" Hunter—MC.Martin "Bucky" Seja—MC.Tyler Armes—bass guitar and keyboard Andrew "Marty" Martino—drums. Kyle "Kap Ten/Oneoh" Fairlie—hype man. Dave "Diggy" Ferris—DJ. Patrick "Pat" Gillett—vocals and guitar. And to think Down With Webster was originally formed for a middle school talent show in 1998.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

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