Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tea from MTV's SKINS

Sofia Black-D'lia who plays Tea might be the most seasoned actress of the bunch. Before landing the role on Skins she was seen as Bailey on ALL MY CHILDREN.

Granted, her Tea can come off rather harsh. Yet, as a the cheerleader lesbian, she knows what she wants and she knows how to get it. And Audrey Hepburn is her icon.
What they are like in real life working on the show. Just harmless teens.

It seems Bryan Elsley and his writing team are having some fun with their own fiction of SKINS. So, they've taken their UK fan fic and spun it around to show the working class kid, maybe. In the orginal you had the different geometry of characters. A triangle twice. I guess. Tony/Michelle/Sid or to some Tony/Maxxie/Michelle.

Tony's old tricks.

In this version by the second episode we've leaped into Tea's life (oh, she might be a mafia princess too) who gets it on, finds what she wants and well, it ends with 'scardy-cat' which I thought was brilliant using that one word fo 'relationships' issues. One meaning sex. The other being romance. And then lets add Tony to spice it up. So as we have it now Tony/Michelle/Tea.

By the end of the second episode we hear Tony say to to Tea over the phone.."I matched you." Granted, do we talk that way? Does it even matter. This is SKINS.

And while some were busy remembering that hot sexy scene with Tea and another girl (thinking it rated right up there with the Black Swan girl on girl scene). On the stairs, in the hallway. God, would they ever find a bed? And to think how the household was so bold and loud the following morning at Tea's house. But..the... really important part of the episode was finding out where Tea came from. A house full of kids and grandmother who talked but no one listened. She's in another world with her dementia. Its those poignant moments with her Nana that we find the importance of being. Really. This is where the beauty of the show came in. As well and Tea's awkward yet lovely steps of dance that make her feel alive. It was such tender moment. I really think this show is much more than we will ever know.

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