Saturday, January 22, 2011

Lux and Stan's big adventure

storyline: things don't work out with Jones. Lux finds out Sam is her brother who lives with Stan.

Well, I'm a sucker for fan fic. And yes, like Holly, I was said to see Life Unexpected go. It was a happy wrap up. I guess.

Anyway, she got a hankering for Daniel Lafferty's character Stan on SKINS. Even if SKINS does bare all, she did become a fan of Stan and Caity. But she hated to see it end with Sam and Lux on Life Unexpected. By the way she told me the actress who plays Lux (Brittney Robertson) is in CHERRY with Kyle Gallener. And Indie film where he's a college student caught in a love triangle between the mother and daughter. And Brittney is the daughter.

Anyway. Here is a cross over fan fiction between American version SKINS and LIFE UNEXPECTED. But who knows might show up if Holly has anything to do with it.

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