Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Tarwater is a German Punk rock band that started in the 90's, but this band was an intricate part of the French movie, Give me your hand. Of course, some might not notice what a beautiful and brilliant part of the movie through the soundtrack. This has to be my favorite music from the movie. Its rather quaint yet it grows its own energy of a story with two boys who never knew their mother but walked across France (mostly) to go to her funeral in Spain.

The story does shed light on what it is like to be a twin. It is also a postcard of France's country side, as well. A lot of sleeping outdoors. Really, it makes me think of how people traveled here in America when the trains first stretched across it. Back in the day, tramping. Which I'm sure still exist, we just don't wish to talk about it, anymore.

Alexandre and Victor Carril play Antoine (extrovert) and Quentin (introvert). I had mentioned this movie before.

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