Monday, November 29, 2010

SKINS American-style

This January MTV gives you SKINS American style. Instead of Sid we have Stan (Daniel Flaherty with a very slight Michael Cera thing going on). The first episode is exactly the same script as the original version. A few changes. No Maxxie due to Americanized TV not wanting to focus too much on a gay character which is rather unfortunate. Sure we have a few gay characters popping up on American TV, but they leave them rather sheltered and not much ever happens for their character, like on Gossip Girl. Yet we may have Tea (Sofia Black-D-Elia) to the rescue on the show as the central lesbian.

Cadie is Britne Oldford

Fortunately, the creators of the original SKINS are in control, father son team, the Elsleys. I'm really not sold on the endeavor quite yet. The creators are known to find raw talent for the roles. But I (maybe Daniel) just can't see anyone in the bunch being the next teen star. But who knows. We will just have to watch and find out. Personally, I loved the original. It was a great group they casted to get the ball rolling. Too bad they couldn't find someone equal of Nicholas Hoult to run with this show.  I was hoping for someone more teen show calibur like Munro Chambers or Carter Jenkins even Austin Butler might have had you drawn in, than these newbies. Cassie (now Cadie is African American.) Granted, I really think Britne can handle the role.

Something to look forward too this January on MTV.


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