Friday, November 12, 2010

a Jasper Hale Moment from Twilight we have Team Jacob. Team Edward. Now how about Team Jasper?

Granted, I was not a fan of what they did to Jasper's flashbacks in this last film. It felt a little campy to me. Perhaps I'm just too hard on Jackson Rathbone's acting ability. I mean, hey, he might be amazing if he'd gone to that acting school he had the heads up for in England. Only, he got a call back to something and well, that's history, or so it would seem. And then the music thing took a hold of him. Oh well, whatever.

Still, he shows some signs that he could be totally the one to watch instead of Jacob or Edward. I would go if there was a movie just about Jasper. See, the moment I saw Twilight, I thought, there's our Edward. It should be Jackson Rathbone. Not Robert.  You could just see Jack nipping at the bite to have an onscreen moment, with anybody. Hey, I would have thought it would have been grand to even have a Jasper and Edward moment.

I KNOW..that's not even in the book. I just have a friend who writes Jasper and Edward fan fic. Granted my other friend went..."ooooh..that's gross, aren't they brothers?" Not really. Its more of a fraternity, isn't it? OK, I'm sure I'm not making anyone giggle, at the moment. Sigh.

If I were going to write about Jasper, I would write about him before he turned. Seriously, though, I do find it a little silly how you know who comes about, playing this vampire genre up. I like the Vampire Diaries history better. But then again... Anne Rice is the mistress of all Vampire fiction aside from the guy who came up with Dracula. Really. Seriously, she knows her vampires, well..she even said she had lunch with, sometimes.  Their woes, sadness, dread and life-styles. Anne even knew what the wall paper looked like in their rooms. She really gives this mood of possibly where the idea of being a vampire actually came from. That disease, of long ago that wasted young people, who found themselves growing pale and bleeding over the simplest things, into their hankerchief. I mean, this is what the sorrow needs to come from when a story like this is being built.

I was reading from someone's real-life journal that she'd written just after the civil war. And she and her family had moved to this new town, and were waiting for their house to be built, twenty miles away or the country. And she met this girl with Tuberculosis. She played up on her illness. And it seemed many males fancied her. It was as if she made a romance of it. It was very interesting. Thankfully, the person who wrote the journal didn't catch the disease. Instead. she waited five years to get married and went in a caravan to Denver where she was a solider's wife and ended up being a nurse in the Calvary.

Anyway, maybe we'll get a book about Jasper. And hopefully, it'll be a worthy read. Go here to sign the petition. Jasper Hale should have his own book.

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