Friday, November 26, 2010

He's baaaaack....Devon Sawa

Well, I dunno where he really went actually. Rumor has it Devon had had some domestic problems and ended up in jail for a while. It could be false. Who knows, maybe it was the only place that could keep him safe.

He says..and this is a quote from IMDB "There are tons of things that have been written about me on the Internet that are total crap. I'll go on to these fan sites and think, where the hell did that come from? All of a sudden I have two gerbils and four goldfish? I mean, really, two gerbils? And they're named Coke and Pepsi or something like that? Come on!"

I had this poster in my room.

Anyway, I've loved him and Chrissi Ricci since NOW AND THEN (& even before in Casper). Yes, I was fascinated by his amazing rant in SLC PUNK with his major mohawk. He was endearing even in Idle Hands. Even in not so great roles like Around the Fire I still was happy to watch Devon Sawa. No matter what. I even own Slackers. And how can we not forget 'Stan' from the 'Stan' video of Eminem's with Dido.

Devon & Maggie Q.

Now he's Owen Elliot on CW Nikita. Its an action pack show that's perfect for him. When I first saw him in Nikita, I was thinking Oscar winner Jeremy Renner. But as soon as he opened his mouth, I knew exactly who he was. The only thing that might make Devon Sawa better would be a British accent. I'm glad he never wore braces. something about his teeth gives him character. Perhaps, it projects the voice.

Anyway, he's back and has ENDURE coming out soon, too.

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