Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathy Hallows prt 1. -review

OK, I'm not a fanatic or anything. But we can all agree its a rather grim film. And there was definitely not enough Jamie Campbell Bower. See, I knew the first time I ever saw him in Sweeney Todd, this guy should do some major films. I can't hardly wait for him in Camelot. And well, if you read any of my story blogs, I picture him in so many different characters.

Anyway, I can just say Rupert Grint saved the film for me. I'm always expecting more out of Tom Felton. But I'm beginning to think I'm expecting more out of Draco. That's it. He's such a weenie, I know next movie is when he'll make his mark.

Although, it felt like a very sad commercial just to get us to Part 2. Naturally, there were some fun effects, but again, who saved the day, good old Ron. So yes, if you are a Rupert Grint fan, you might want to watch this one several times before part 2 comes out.

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