Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ellie Goulding

She's considered a Brittish pop-princess already. As of yet, I don't think in the states..we've yet to get her full CD. Just an EP from where you get your tunes at. But I hear its coming soon.

Starry Eyed was the song that got me interested in her. Then THE WRITER which Goulding says is the most personal song she's written. "It’s about how you’d do anything and change absolutely everything about yourself if necessary, just to be noticed by this one person." She's quoted about the writer song.

Goulding, who is from Herford England, began playing the clarinet and guitar and writing her own pop-inspired music at the age of nine. While attending the University of Kent to study drama, and exposed to electronic music, she developed her sound initially with the help of Frankmusik on the track "Wish I Stayed", and then later with Starsmith, who went on to become her chief collaborator and primary producer of her debut album, Lights. This resulted in her leaving university after two years of study under a gap year arrangement with her tutors, and moving to West London. It might a much longer gap now.

She has a unique voice, rather sweet and romantic that blends well with the electronic mixes in her music. And she looks pretty cool in glasses, too.

ellie goulding

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