Wednesday, October 6, 2010

my generation


But ABC has already canceled it after 2 episodes. Just 2 episodes!

The show is like the documentary on the method of 10 students for 10 years(or like the documentary 10- 7ups). Except, of course, its scripted. It did give a very reality feel to it which of course we are all voyeurs these days with the Kardashians and the Bachelor Pad. This show was about what happened 10 years later to a group of students from Austin, Texas.

Of course, it starred Cloverfield's Michael Sthal-David who also made his mark in The Black Donnellys. Jamie King (who went by James King for awhile, but don't worry she didn't have a sex change or anything.) also starred in this as well.

The story ranges from the jock, the brain, the nerd and those in-between. Such an interesting cast. The show was slated for 8 episodes. Hopefully, they'll be ran on hulu.

For the first time I saw Keir O'Donnell's wonderful acting range. In most movies, like Mall Cop, he plays the bad guy, but in this show he was the sweet nerd who became elementary teacher. Keir was "Thomas on Lost"..but he should have played Ben in the younger years. Hey, Lost the Early days..doesn't that sound good..=D

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