Sunday, October 17, 2010

Give Me Your Hand

Feeling like a French movie, anytime soon?

This movie came out in 2008 with new comers French Alexandre and Victor Carril. I have to admit they make me think a bit of hunky American Sean Farris.

Its the story of twins who hitch-hike across France to their mother's funeral in Barcelona. They have no money so they are bound to have an adventure or two. THIS IS NOT A GAY MOVIE. But, one get mixed up with a woman. The other finds happiness with a guy.

Basically, its about their experience of how they react to the other's encounter. Some might find it rather slow which some do with French movies. But if you are looking for scenery to watch, how they live on the other side of the world..well, the movie has plenty to offer. And identical twins. One at least has a slash on his eye-brow so you can tell them apart.

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