Saturday, October 9, 2010

gigantic - tv review

OK...well, I stuck around after new Degrassi to see what this original Teen Nick show was all about. Definitely, not Nicolodian clown fare (thankfully). What is it? A half-hour dramedy that takes a fictional look at the glitzy, chaotic and often hilarious life of being a Hollywood "it" kid. Set in the world of the Hollywood elite packed with A-list parties and privilege, it tells a coming-of-age story infused with pop culture fame. It's not easy being teenagers growing up in the shadow of their parents' superstar status.
Grace Gummer as Anna

It stars Walt (Tony Oller) and Anna (Grace Gummer) as happy siblings of mega star parents. Really, they have been pretty much grounded and down under in the so called outback as of late, but come back to see their Hollywood pals. Granted Oller comes off as eye candy except he's so down right sincere on screen, you can't help but want to watch him. Gummer is more like a young wanna be Meryl Streep (Actually, her mum is Meryl Streep in real life). Her character doesn't really go for style. She'd rather be writing. But there is this thing with Joey(Ryan Rottman..I hate his haircut, already) who wrote her real letters while she was away. And she's hoping it'll be the next best thing when they hook up.

But it gets juicy. Gossip girl-like in a not so Blair Waldorf way, holds all the cards. Gia Mantegna is Vanessa. And she lets Joey in on a little secret. His one night stand with a mutual friend of theirs equals baby. So yeah, Joey is in a tight spot with sweet and innocent Anna.

Really though its Maggie (Skyler Day) that stole the show for me. She plays along with Walt's character at some Big Time event. She works there and they kind of hook up. But he comes clean later and she's OK with that. She just leaves can be who ever you want to be with me.

The show is based on the A-list. I'm just not sure Degrassi fans are going to hone in on this show. After all, many are busy tumbling tumblr with graphics after an episode of characters they are legioned too.

But the show does have a certain bite. I'm not sure all the actors will deliver in the show. But if you've been waiting forever to see Tony Oller in something or Skyler Day and even Gia Mantegna to get a steady drama each can savor. You might want to tune in to find out.

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