Monday, October 11, 2010

Charlie MacDonnell

Who is that boy?

Well, it you are on the internet enough, you probably already know. He's just in his twenties and has already made his own path, world wide in a very genuine way. No, he's no emo boy trying to sale T-shirts. Seriously, he is easily to crush on. You just wish he had his own show. Thank God, for the Internet!

Charlie is in his 20's and is from Bath, Somerset but recently moved to London. This vlogger is a self proclaimed nerd and musican.

It wasn't until 2007 that this bloke got started on UK's You Tube. And he's been popular ever since. With his "Challenge Charlie", he has tons of subscribers to his channel. Which might be one of you. He even presented The Inbetweeners with an award back in June as part of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts Television Awards. Yeap, that Charlie gets around. He's made an appearence on Lily Allen and Friends and the Gadget show.

Of course, there is a unique sense of humor about him, but he also does a lot of charity work with his music. Such as Chartjackers. A tune I bought on iTune to help Children in Need.  So catchy, I know a lot love this song. It made it up to number on on the UK indie charts.

Charlie MacDonnell You Tube

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