Monday, October 4, 2010

Armie Hammer

Armie with the Winklevoss twins

Doesn't that sound like the perfect name for a porn star? Armie Hammer.

Well, he definitely stole many scenes in The Social Network as the Winklevoss twins. At 6' 5 '' he played both parts. And his scenes are so worth watching. In real life the twins went to the Olympics in rowing. They were duped (or some may say and wonder) by the founder of Facebook. Of course, its quite a gray area. Anyway, the twins did all right and they approve of the movie.
Thought to have an Oscar nom for his part in THE SOCIAL NETWORK

Armie is short for Armand. He's been said to be the new Captain America. You might remember him as one of many Serena's love interest on Gossip Girl. He does have that all American Frat boy look about him. And such a cool voice, as well. He certainly had some of the best lines in The Social Network. I also though he was pretty cool as "Morgan" in the TV show Reaper. He's married to Elizabeth Chambers.

Gabriel on Gossip Girl

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