Monday, September 20, 2010

Raviv Ullman

I tuned in Prom Wars tonight from 2008 and saw it had Phil of the Future's Ricky Ullman in it with Ali Shawkat so I had to watch. Granted, its not the best movie in the world. But they were pretty cute with the little outtakes of their romance before the movie actually started. They had a misunderstanding, and Percy (R.Ullman) thought Diana (Ali) had had sex with some big shot rich dude from some all boys school that was his rival school. It was a bit to endure. Rich kids, yet it came off at times not so rich. Made me think it could have been something more SKINS, but it wasn't. Although, its a fun movie to watch if you just watch Raviv. Possibly, kind of overacting, but he has way of leaving you smitten.

He reminded me of Efren Ramirez for some reason

Of course, I thought of him and Ali. The good old days on Phil of the Future. You know, wondering how they'd be now together. This is certainly her year with Easy A and Hellcats. Raviv has a few projects going. How to make love to a woman. SpringBreak '83 and The trouble with Cali. He's still on Rita Rocks. I still like his smile and honestly, I kind of wish Jackson Rathbone could show as much personality as Raviv does on screen.

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