Friday, September 10, 2010

Poetry Speaks , who i am - book review

mary jo salter

Much less
the slam
than the slalom
gives me a thrill:
that solemn, no-fuss
Olympian skill
in skirting flag after flag
of the bloody obvious;
the fractional
while speeding downhill,
at the key
in a sort of whole-
body trill:
the note repeated,
but elaborated,
more touching and more
for seeming the thing
to be evaded.

Here is a collection of poems that are for inspiration or to help one teach poetry as well. The collection came out in March and it full of various voices from different races and sexes.

Its the type of book you wish to have if you do want to write poetry. It shows you it can be done, and you are capable of writing just through other people's inspiring poems. The CD is included so you can listen to these poetry, too.

There are 108 poems in the collection ranging from Maya Angelou to Ogden Nash and many more. Its a pretty special book. And it might make you reconsider your ideas to put in verse.

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