Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hunger Games

You might be on your last chapter or two of MOCKINGJAY, but there hasn't been such a testy uproar who'll play who since TWILIGHT. Of course, its possible the work of the writer and the director to really let the work shine through. But you never know. It seems they want older actors for the roles. And yes, its great to get someone well seasoned for the parts. All though, sometimes I think it doesn't take much for fans when it comes to movies of their favorite books. There are legions for Twilight who will just buy about anything when it comes to actors being their Bella and Edward. I'm afraid if you did put someone truly talented in those roles they would have found some fault. So its a very hard job to cast any movie when it comes to favorite novels.

This has to be my favorite line up so far of any of the cast out there. Jeremy Sumpter would make a cool Peeta. I'd love to see Alec Baldwin in this movie too. I'd like Luke Pasqualino (skins) to be Gale, though.

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