Friday, September 24, 2010

his orchestra

You know, google one thing and something else comes up and you get a new lead..and before you know're glad you clicked that link.

I found out Raviv is in a band with Gregory Smith's younger brother (Everwood), Douglas Smith who you might remember as Amanda Seyfried's love interest on BIG LOVE. He was also in the film Remember the Daze which has become one of my favorite movies.

I had no idea he was a singer and composure. His band is rather original and Raviv plays the drums in the band. They started the band as Goodbye Ian but then changed it to His Orchestra. Back in February of 2009 they came out with a CD, Field Guide to the Wilds. If he's not busy with that then he's busy with his other band Alaskan Summer with girlfriend Ashton Lunceford

Alaskan Summer

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