Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Chord Overstreet

Fans love their Maxxie sooo much.

Don't you just love that name? He's just gotta know music. At the moment, he's the new Sam on GLEE. He's possibly a younger version of Finn, only with blonde hair. And something about his look does make me think of Maxxie from SKINS  (Who I would have loved to have seen on Glee - BTW). So who knows..maybe he could be (Chris Colfer) Kurt's love interest. I know that might be a stretch. But you never know. Oh, I am right. Or so I read on some board..somewhere.. SWEET. Yet, nobody did the gay storyline quite as well as SKINS.

I loved the opening installment (auditions) but somehow the show has a way of starting and stopping and usually not getting very far along. Hopefully, next week's episode will be gang busters since Brittany Spears will guest with many of her songs.

Back to Chord. He's of iCarly fame and is in Private along with scads of other teen shows where he guest starred. Now he's making his home on GLEE. He's from Nashville.

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