Sunday, September 5, 2010

Benjamin Stone - one to watch for

He's from Kingston Surrey and got his start on film in the Harry Potter(video game) series. Doesn't he just look like he could be a wizard?

He was such a scene stealer in 10 things I hate about you on ABC Family. I was so sure they'd make him a regular as Blank. He was smart, slightly devious but so much more than eye-candy. I hope he'll be in something soon because he's quite charming and should be in lots of films. Good ones too. Where he plays a prince, or a knight. He could definitely do something Jane Austen quite easily. Even so, to bad he couldn't show up in the new SKINS cast. I really think this bloke could take a show to the next level. He's got the charisma. Such a range of emotions. He can be quite good and ever so cool but evil.

He could be the next Jamie Bell

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