Thursday, September 30, 2010

close range by ivy parker

You know, I thought better of him in the beginning, but I can't remember what I saw now.

I know, its not this. Not now. Maybe we got too close.

Ok, it was summer. I didn't know anybody. My friends were gone and there was Jeremy down at the beach. Just hanging out. Its not like he was a surfer or anything. A loner, perhaps.

But a friendly loner. And of all the girls he could have hung out with, it was me. I worked for my grandfather at the hotdog stand. Yeah, what a lame summer. On the beach, working.

I'd see bikini girls come and go. Wonder if his eye would stray. It wouldn't. He'd be there as soon as we opened up for hot dogs. Sometimes, he might eat up to a dozen a day. Always back for more.

And I'd watch the waves and dream of surfing. But it didn't happen. The only board I had was a skateboard.

Usually, I'd do that sort of thing alone. I mean, its this thing I take personal. I'm not a showoff. Really, I don't like for people to watch me. Only that's sort of hard to do when you're at the beach.

So I'd get in my baggy clothes, become somebody else and head for the concrete after closing time.

Things might have looked dim. My parents in the middle of a divorce. My grandpa who flirted way to much which meant we got way too many high cholesterol casseroles (from his girlfriends) at his place so therefore he slept a lot when he wasn't flirting. It was my board I could depend on.

It took me away from thinking about school, even college. It was just me, the air and concrete. And it was beautiful. At least for a time.

Until Jeremy came along.

At first it was nice, thinking it was an accident.You know, him crossing my path. I'd zoom by, look back for a second and then he'd be gone. Or maybe I'd be gone.

But then I'd see him around the corner. I'd wonder how he got there. What he wanted from me. Nothing. Nothing, I was sure.

I mean, he didn't seem romantic, like that. Sure he'd say hello. He'd talk about the waves, the sun. Nothing special.

But it was like he was always waiting for me to say more. Only I was busy and well, I couldn't.

I was out past the board walk when it happened. When literally, I bumped in to him. When I fell right into his lap.

"I've been waiting for this," he chuckled."He broke my fall and I'm glad he did. It was funny at the time. And his hands grabbed my arms kind of tight. But he let go once I got my balance.

"Waiting for what?"

"You really are sweet sixteen, aren't you?" He squinted a grin and it was then I noticed he was way older than me. Maybe thirty-something.

"Seventeen. I'm not sixteen." I clarified staring intensely into his green eyes.

"You should go out with me someday."

"Like where? A date or something?"

"Something like that?" I should have felt it then, but I didn't. I kept trying to look away, but I couldn't.

"So what do you have in mind?" I know what you're thinking, why didn't I run away then? Why do stupid girls to do stupid things, like this? But it was kind of like I was standing up to him. Not letting fear take a hold of me, and wondering, what did he want from me.

We talked awhile about how the board walk had changed over the years, our favorite Ben & Jerry's ice cream. He made me smile. He wanted to know everything about me. Where I went to school. What I wanted to be. Jim, my ex from my old school never asked me anything like that.

He wanted my picture too. Why was that so important?

I let him think I didn't know what he was doing. That this was more his idea than mine. Yeah, it felt great that I could make him this happy. It made my whole being rush with excitement. That alone was a drug.

And he needed me. First it was just phone stuff. You know, like things I'd say to a D.J. Okay, a little of me was oblivious to the fact that he really liked me. Sort of.

I just liked that tingly feeling he gave me. And it wasn't like I really needed him with me to get as much out of this as he did. But then he had his needs.

It wasn't as good as on the phone. You know, something about being in person takes away the sensation. You just go numb and its not as all wonderful as they say it is.

Sometimes, I wish I was still a virgin. I'd feel better about a lot of things. But everybody has regrets, right?

I just didn't know I'd be Jeremy's regret.

So he had a life, after all. When did that happen? I thought he wanted me. I thought he needed me.

It sounded that way in his edgy voice. It felt that way when he fingered me. He wanted me.

How can something so connected suddenly disconnect? I don't understand it. I don't know how to feel without him, anymore.

And you see, I have to keep calling. I have to keep trying.

But I'm afraid now. I don't like his threats. First, I didn't think he meant them. I wasn't seriously effected by them. We could shake it off with a smoke. He could still be happy.

I'm not at all crazy at what he's become. Its so deliriously funny. But he wants to hurt me.

Monday, September 27, 2010

like no one else

Jason Schwartzman seems to be everywhere these days. Its hard to think of him married now. And 30. But he does know how to pick them. I do have fun seeing him in HBO's  Bored to death which started a new season last night. As Ames put it, who created the show, "Even when he's in a rubber suit, you know its Jason."
married to Brady Cunningham

There is just something charming about this quirky big nosed short guy. Perhaps its this unique sincerity of his, or he just knows how to be himself. Yet, he can show the dark side like he did as "Ross" in Spun.

Just recently he was the mad villain in Scott Pilgrim. I have to admit I've loved him since Rushmore, and I really enjoyed Phantom Planet when he was their drummer. I'm happy he's making his own music with Coconut Records.

Yes, I'm starting to fall for him more now, than I did in his early movies..

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hunger Games

You might be on your last chapter or two of MOCKINGJAY, but there hasn't been such a testy uproar who'll play who since TWILIGHT. Of course, its possible the work of the writer and the director to really let the work shine through. But you never know. It seems they want older actors for the roles. And yes, its great to get someone well seasoned for the parts. All though, sometimes I think it doesn't take much for fans when it comes to movies of their favorite books. There are legions for Twilight who will just buy about anything when it comes to actors being their Bella and Edward. I'm afraid if you did put someone truly talented in those roles they would have found some fault. So its a very hard job to cast any movie when it comes to favorite novels.

This has to be my favorite line up so far of any of the cast out there. Jeremy Sumpter would make a cool Peeta. I'd love to see Alec Baldwin in this movie too. I'd like Luke Pasqualino (skins) to be Gale, though.

Friday, September 24, 2010

his orchestra

You know, google one thing and something else comes up and you get a new lead..and before you know're glad you clicked that link.

I found out Raviv is in a band with Gregory Smith's younger brother (Everwood), Douglas Smith who you might remember as Amanda Seyfried's love interest on BIG LOVE. He was also in the film Remember the Daze which has become one of my favorite movies.

I had no idea he was a singer and composure. His band is rather original and Raviv plays the drums in the band. They started the band as Goodbye Ian but then changed it to His Orchestra. Back in February of 2009 they came out with a CD, Field Guide to the Wilds. If he's not busy with that then he's busy with his other band Alaskan Summer with girlfriend Ashton Lunceford

Alaskan Summer

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Chord Overstreet

Fans love their Maxxie sooo much.

Don't you just love that name? He's just gotta know music. At the moment, he's the new Sam on GLEE. He's possibly a younger version of Finn, only with blonde hair. And something about his look does make me think of Maxxie from SKINS  (Who I would have loved to have seen on Glee - BTW). So who knows..maybe he could be (Chris Colfer) Kurt's love interest. I know that might be a stretch. But you never know. Oh, I am right. Or so I read on some board..somewhere.. SWEET. Yet, nobody did the gay storyline quite as well as SKINS.

I loved the opening installment (auditions) but somehow the show has a way of starting and stopping and usually not getting very far along. Hopefully, next week's episode will be gang busters since Brittany Spears will guest with many of her songs.

Back to Chord. He's of iCarly fame and is in Private along with scads of other teen shows where he guest starred. Now he's making his home on GLEE. He's from Nashville.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Raviv Ullman

I tuned in Prom Wars tonight from 2008 and saw it had Phil of the Future's Ricky Ullman in it with Ali Shawkat so I had to watch. Granted, its not the best movie in the world. But they were pretty cute with the little outtakes of their romance before the movie actually started. They had a misunderstanding, and Percy (R.Ullman) thought Diana (Ali) had had sex with some big shot rich dude from some all boys school that was his rival school. It was a bit to endure. Rich kids, yet it came off at times not so rich. Made me think it could have been something more SKINS, but it wasn't. Although, its a fun movie to watch if you just watch Raviv. Possibly, kind of overacting, but he has way of leaving you smitten.

He reminded me of Efren Ramirez for some reason

Of course, I thought of him and Ali. The good old days on Phil of the Future. You know, wondering how they'd be now together. This is certainly her year with Easy A and Hellcats. Raviv has a few projects going. How to make love to a woman. SpringBreak '83 and The trouble with Cali. He's still on Rita Rocks. I still like his smile and honestly, I kind of wish Jackson Rathbone could show as much personality as Raviv does on screen.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


I watched Easy A over the weekend. And I have to say one of my favorite parts of the movie was a song from Lenka "Trouble is a friend". I've found, though, that I like the Spike Stent remix of it which they used for the soundtrack. Its a moody tune which really gave a feel of the trouble brewing in the film.

The film is about a clean cut school girl who decides to say We did DO IT when they didn't. Which leads to a lot of rumors at school about her reputation. The movie uses the Scarlet Letter as part of its theme and premise. Although, definitely different scenarios.

Yet the underlying theme is the using women for their own purpose. One for status. The original, just because he felt like it, and she had to pay the consequence.

But back to the song Trouble is a friend by Lenka. Lenka is Lenka Kripac, an Australian singer song writer. She's also an actress of TV and film, mostly down under, but her music has been in Old Navy commercials, as well. Her father is a Jazz musician.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Dans Paris - movie review

Jonathon and Paul

After seeing this French movie the second time, I finally got the humor out of it. Don't get me wrong. I loved it the first time without the subtitles. But this time, oh there were lots of laughs. Even so, its a bit of a depressing film. You've got 2 brothers and a Dad who share the family bed in their sweet, but old French flat. Their mother has left them years earlier for a Canadian lumberjack. This is all the fall out after their sister commits sucide at 17.

Along with that, its Christmas, and Paul(Roman Duris) the older brother is very depressed. He's had a set back after breaking up with his girlfriend, and now only wants to speak to his dead sister. So he jumps off a bridge in the freezing cold. His younger brother Jonathon(Louis Garrel) finds him and of course, is there for him during this crisis. Or is he?

Jonathon a college student with various girls on the side, just can't make himself stay with his brother. But still he wants to know how his brother is doing. He checks on him through the day while he's out gallivanting around from one girl to the next. This is his way of dealing with his own pain with the family. All along, his Dad is suffering too, but he doesn't want anyone to know.

With a little help from an old song of Kim Wilde's, Cambodia, Paul might be on the mend. But just the same, he feels his little brother is bothering him and well, his mobile slips off the balcony, and you see a moment where perhaps he wishes it might have been his fate.

Naturally, Jonathon is pretty much a brat with his Dad. Won't help with Christmas. But meets an old flame(Alice Butaud) in the park, and you find out all sort of bad things about him. He won't pay her back the debt he owes. She even goes on and on how he's a pig when they make love. You'd think, she'd have nothing to do with him. Next thing you know, they are together while her mother is out, reading and smoking in bed.

One thing for sure, the director Christophe Honore really knew how to use Louis Garrel in this movie. Lots of bed scenes, carefree and packed full of moments to make you giggle as they talk of the past. Then near the end is a duet which is kind of odd between Paul and his Ex. Did they make up or what? Meanwhile, Jonathon's old flame that he'd spent the afternoon with comes to his flat. Waits for him on the couch. & well, your guess is as good as mine..but all 3 end up in the bed together. Afterall, it is the family bed.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Vampire Diaries still got it

I finally got around to watching the opening episode of Vampire Diaries online. Unfortunately, it was stop and start from the feed. The commericals were great, but it was a bit sad how slow to actually watch it. I thought at first is was my connection or perhaps so many wanting to see it, but I think it was the main media feed.

Even so, it started with quite a spill. Out with the old, in with the new. Katherine is back. The vampire girl that Damien has been pining for, for the last 147 years or so.  Yeah, even vampires get the blues. And Damien can't really tell Elaina and Katherine apart. He just might not be as clever as we thought.

But Katherine is back with a vengeance wanting to stab everyone. You'd think she'd be more into biting, but not this week.

Then we are in the wake of the mayor's funeral. Its a very sad time for the town. Tyler if fuming and drinking and wondering what's wrong with him other than how he hated his dad the mayor. Meanwhile, he and Jeremy almost have a moment. Maybe. It would be a stretch to call it that. But Jeremy can relate. He's lost his Dad to...and Anna, of course. As well as his quick fix of wanting to wake up as a vampire which didn't quite work out that first fifteen minutes of the show. Oh..and we meet Tyler's young hot Uncle. I don't know his name, but he's a mighty fine to watch. He's a surfer and a werewolf. Can you imagine a surfing werewolf?

Oh, and Bonnie sees she can give Damien headaches. Maybe Katherine too. Yes, she's getting her Witch act together. She is even helping Caroline heal from the major accident with a little nibble from Damien who somehow makes Caroline, all better.

But there is all that bitterness between the Salvatore brothers. Stefan hates the idea of Damien kissing Elaina even if it was Katherine he was actually kissing. Stef tells Katherine off. He never loved her. Just to turn around for Katherine to tell Damien she never loved him. I telling you too much? Sorry. Which of course, leads to Damien being in a very bad way. So he comes to Elaina, hoping for something good, just to be more miserable since she is in love with Stef (but is she really?) & just when Jeremy is going to stand up to Damien. Well, Damien snaps his neck and leaves him for dead, but did he?

OH, its an emotional ending. You really do think this might be the end of Jeremy. But oh no, Jeremy is a vamp, after all..YEAH! And he's not the only one going to the darkside.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

ROOM - book review

A novel by Emma Donoghue takes you to a whole new world of a rather horrific tale ripped from today's headlines. In the tradition of Dead Girl Walking, you are given the perspective of what its like to grow up in a Room that you were born in and could never leave. All five year old Jack has is Ma and Old Nick who brings supplies to them and gives them food when he feels like it.

"Emma Donoghue's writing is superb alchemy, changing innocence into horror and horror into tenderness. Room is a book to read in one sitting. When it's over you look up: the world looks the same but you are somehow different and that feeling lingers for days." Audrey Niffennegger, author of the Traveler's wife says about this novel. "I loved Room. Such incredible imagination, and dazzling use of language. And with all this, an entirely credible, endearing little boy. It's unlike anything I've ever read before." Anita Shreve admits about this novel.

'Today I'm five. I was four last night going to sleep in Wardrobe, but when I wake up in Bed in the dark I'm changed to five, abracadabra. Before that I was three, then two, then one, then zero. "Was I minus numbers?"' You'll be hooked on the first paragraph. Its the tale of a 19 year old college student who's been kidnapped and how she uses her ingenuity to survive, told through her 5 year old son's voice. It might be one of the best books this year.

Born in Dublin in 1969, Emma Donoghue is a writer of contemporary and historical fiction whose novels include the bestselling "Slammerkin," "The Sealed Letter," "Landing," "Life Mask," "Hood," and "Stirfry." Her story collections are "The Woman Who Gave Birth to Rabbits," "Kissing the Witch," and "Touchy Subjects." She also writes literary history, and plays for stage and radio. She lives in London, Ontario, with her partner and their two small children.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

gossip girl is back

Last night's episode is promising. This time with a European aspect to the story. Blair and Serena are off in Paris doing what rich girls will do, shop, flirt, shop more, find prince or a pauper, girl fight, shop to make up for girl fight. Well, something like that. Which I have to admit had more meat to savor than most of last year's story plot which even included a threesome that was about as exciting as getting your teeth pulled.

Yes, I understand, the show is a guilty pleasure and is one to adore all the pretty outfits. Although, I don't think if I were in Paris I'd be caught in anything Blair nor Serena had on in the episode. But that's just me. Yet, it would have been more fitting to see what they really are wearing on the street in Paris. Granted, the cobbled streets and buildings definitely gave it a Paris feel. As well as Blair spouting off her wonderful French. Of course, I do wonder if they only choose certain guests for these shows so they won't up scale the beauty of Blake or Leia. Or could be they don't have the funds to do so. Even so if Gaspard Ulliel or Louie Garrel could have been spotted I just don't think their stylist would do them justice. Honestly, Ed (Chuck so nostalgic of old Hollywood) is the only male on the show they showcase. I know, I'm always looking for eye-candy that's just not there.

And to end the show was a rather slap and punch segment with Clemence Posey, who I absolutely adore, yet her wardrobe just didn't take the cake, yet they left it a mystery of just who she might be. Who knows, possibly an under cover agent or the poor little French rich girl, as the case maybe.

Moving on, back to the states. Misunderstood creative Dan is scammed once again. You just know that kid of Georgina's is not his, but you know how it'll play. He'll be left with the infant and just love it more, no matter what. Well, shouldn't he? And Nate, certainly hasn't gotten anymore clever, either. But who cares, he's fun to look at. Its just, you wish he'd wise up. And just when you think he has, you realize it might not be so.

Yes, Gossip girl is back and it seems to give us more mystery than ever and some fashion to savor too.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

from books to film

Looks like plenty of offerings this fall of novels turned film.

Of course, Eat. Pray. Love was a nonfiction story turned movie. Unfortunately, not all nonfiction makes great films. But we might find some thing to savor in Its Kind of a Funny Story with Keir Gilchrist, Zach Galifianakis, and Emma Roberts. The movie is based on Ned Vizzini's novel while the screenplay was written by the movie's director Anna Boden. Its a look into a stressed out teen's world who's just trying to take a little vacation from what's bothering him at the mental ward of the hospital.

Another teen comedy drama that is a fall favorite to look for Flipped. Two eighth graders start to have feelings for each other despite being total opposites. Based on the novel "Flipped" by Wendelin Van Draanen. The movie is directed by Rob Reiner. Madeline Carroll and Callan McAuliffe start as the two main characters.  Julie and Bryce. Its a coming of age tale. Reiner seems to find joy in these sort of films. Hopefully, we will too.

There is the possibly oscar worthy tale Never let me go based on Kazuo Ishiguro's novel. As children, Ruth, Kathy and Tommy, spend their childhood at a seemingly idyllic English boarding school. As they grow into young adults, they find that they have to come to terms with the strength of the love they feel for each other, while preparing themselves for the haunting reality that awaits them. Keira Knightly plays Ruth in the film along with Carey Mulligan 

Friday, September 10, 2010

Poetry Speaks , who i am - book review

mary jo salter

Much less
the slam
than the slalom
gives me a thrill:
that solemn, no-fuss
Olympian skill
in skirting flag after flag
of the bloody obvious;
the fractional
while speeding downhill,
at the key
in a sort of whole-
body trill:
the note repeated,
but elaborated,
more touching and more
for seeming the thing
to be evaded.

Here is a collection of poems that are for inspiration or to help one teach poetry as well. The collection came out in March and it full of various voices from different races and sexes.

Its the type of book you wish to have if you do want to write poetry. It shows you it can be done, and you are capable of writing just through other people's inspiring poems. The CD is included so you can listen to these poetry, too.

There are 108 poems in the collection ranging from Maya Angelou to Ogden Nash and many more. Its a pretty special book. And it might make you reconsider your ideas to put in verse.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

What would Jennifer do?

Jennifer Aniston has launched a perfume. Previously, it was called Lolavie but now just called Jennifer Aniston. Also the campaign stared out with her topless, but now she has a towel wrapped around her in the photo campaign.

“It’s a nonperfume perfume,” Jennifer has told WWD. “Sexy and clean. Floral, but not too flowery. I want people to go, ‘What is that? You smell great!’ But most of all I wanted it to smell natural.”

She also spoke recently about how you don't have to have a man if you want a baby when chatting up THE SWITCH. Funny, I saw the movie and well, its interesting to see her take on the movie. Anyway, Jennifer is as quirky as she ever was. She recently lent her voice to a celebrity reading of Loukoumi’s Good Deeds, a children’s book written by Nick Katsoris.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Nico Mirallegro

Nico was awesome as the ground breaking emo boy Newt on Hollyoaks for the last few years. He wore a black wig most of that time. His character evolved from sullen to sweet, along with a few flaws of schizophrenic which made fans love him, everywhere. But last April there was a shakeup in Hollyoaks. Many of the favorites were sent on their way. He'd grown up on the show sharing a flat in real-life with Amy on the show. His character left for Scotland to live with his Mom.

Oddly, I had no idea about them in real-life but in my fan fic I had them rather tight. Even having a baby together. And also Newt was gay in my fan fic who was terribly bullied by Ste. Eventually, he found Billy and well, I did enjoy writing about the triangle between Amy, Newt & Billy.

Well, I was pleased to find out that since Nico left the show ..the actor has taken on some wonderful projects. One of those being in a new drama on BBC called MOVING ON. He will play a gay character in October who suffers from bullying.

He's also filming McQueen the Movie. And will also be in the remake of Upstairs Downstairs. Nico also pumped up for the short film Six Minutes of Freedom where he plays a troubled teen who needs boxing for a positive outlet.
Yes, Nico is definitely moving on.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Alison Michalka

Alison Michalka is all grown up these days and showing a whole new side of herself. Possibly ready for a catfight.

No more Cow bells kind of feature. This girl is moving on. Although, I'm not so sure going from Disney to the CW is that big of a step. After all she's got Ashley Tisdale along for the ride in CW's up coming Hellcats.

The premise: Marti Perkins, a law student at Lancer University, discovers that her scholarship has been canceled and her well-meaning but irresponsible mother, Wanda has neglected to inform her. Broke and out of options, Marti realizes the only way she can stay in school is to win a place on the Hellcats - Lancer's legendary cheer squad - and the scholarship that comes with it...

Aly & Ashley are roomates on Hellcats, too

Heather Hemmens, Matt Barr, Robbie Jones

So she'll be Bringing It and a whole lot more with her independent Marti with a whole bunch of cheerleading moves and what it takes to make the squad and stay on it.

Alison is also showing up in this months release of Easy A with Emma Stone.
thanks Just Jared Jr.

Monday, September 6, 2010

The sounds - music

The Sounds is a Swedish band with echos of New Wave from such great pop as Kim Wilde, Missing Persons and Blondie.

Lead singer Maja Ivarsson might be known especially for her remix of Queen of Apologies with Fallout Boy's Patrick Stump. Maja also made Blender's hottest women in rock list.

The Sounds were formed in 1998 by classmates Felix Rodriguez, Maja Ivarsson, Johan Bengtsson and Fredrik Nilsson in Helsingborg, Sweden. The group met Jesper Anderberg, the youngest member, by chance at the Hultsfred Festival and was enlisted to play keyboards and guitar. The band's name was decided months later during a trip to London. Before becoming the lead singer of the band, Ivarsson had previously played electric guitar in other local bands.

There latest hit from their Crossing The Rubicon CD is No one Sleeps when I'm Awake that was on Vampire Diaries. The band has toured with No Doubt and supported Matt and Kim in Europe. Really, though, their music is amazingly hypnotic and well, you can love it years from now, too.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Benjamin Stone - one to watch for

He's from Kingston Surrey and got his start on film in the Harry Potter(video game) series. Doesn't he just look like he could be a wizard?

He was such a scene stealer in 10 things I hate about you on ABC Family. I was so sure they'd make him a regular as Blank. He was smart, slightly devious but so much more than eye-candy. I hope he'll be in something soon because he's quite charming and should be in lots of films. Good ones too. Where he plays a prince, or a knight. He could definitely do something Jane Austen quite easily. Even so, to bad he couldn't show up in the new SKINS cast. I really think this bloke could take a show to the next level. He's got the charisma. Such a range of emotions. He can be quite good and ever so cool but evil.

He could be the next Jamie Bell

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Robert Rodriguez's Machete

I was so happy to find out Machete opened this weekend. I am a fan of Robert Rodriguez. His movies are something my brother and I always enjoy. Sure, lots of blood and weapons and so many mad explosions, but still there is just something that makes us laugh too.

Rodriguez is of course inspired by the old Grindhouse movies of the late 60's and 70's. My mother told me that when she was young that at drive-ins back in Texas usually, you had to sit through a B rated Mexican movie before the regular feature. Usually, these movies were in Spanish. Lots of shoot'm ups from people she never heard of. And there were always explosions.

Well, that's the kind of movie you get with Machete. But with people you've heard of like Jessica Alba, Michelle Rodriguez. And finally Danny Trejo gets to be the hero of the movie as Machete. Danny, himself is quite a hero. In real-life he had a criminal past, but he became such a fighter in prison that he won titles in boxing and after almost 12 years in prison, he became a success. I usually think of him as always the bad guy in film. Like the Injun Joe of Huck Finn type. Scary and bad as the boogie man.

The storyline has to do with the border of Texas with one bad buy after another trying to control who gets across the border and of course, drugs.

Michelle Rodriguez is the heroine in the movie. Of course, SHE and Machete are a good bit myth than anything else. Of course, she's fit and amazing with her stunts. I really felt they showed a soft side to her, too. Which was nice.

Michelle & Daryl taking a break with some guy in a TX bandana

It was also great to see Spy Kid Daryl Sabara all grown up in this film as a day labor. He was pretty cool in his part. Also some evil performances from Don Johnson and Robert Duvall. Still the movie was all in good fun. Cheech Marin had some of the best lines as the padre.

Oh..and there are boobs. More woman walking around unclothed than I thought natural. I dunno. I had to think, did they feel uncomfortable in those scenes? Well, Lynsey Lohan didn't seem too.

If you enjoyed Planet Terror, you are sure to enjoy this one. After all Machete is a spin-off from that movie.

Here are some that make the list of the best TOP 10 Grind House Films According to Dream Logic.

1.The Big Doll House
2.Black Belt Jones
3.Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia
4.Cannibal Holocaust
5.Death Race 2000
6.I Spit On Your Grave
7.Lady Snowblood
9.School of the Holy Beast
10.The Street Fighter

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Desperately Seeking Susan ..what if

It was on other night and immediately I thought, its not like any other 80's movie even if it came out in1985. The filler tunes are even hypnotic. There is still something fresh and cool about the style of the movie.

For starters, this movie let Madonna be Madonna. You got to see her personality in this, film like no other. It showed her New York City style, full of punk and charm. It wasn't just a film that was her total style. It really gave an urban flavor to the men in the film too.

Adian Quinn as Dez
Dez was the total individual man of the city making his own way. I loved him in the fedora he wore at the coffee shop scene with Roberta. There he was in tuxedo pants and suspenders. He was so awesome.

Of course, I still wonder if Roberta and Dez would still be together, and where would they be. Roberta would have definitely divorced that jerk with all the hot tubs. She would have moved into that fab flat of Dez's and she and Susan would have course gone into business.

Now would Susan and Jim be together? Doubtful. Not Susan, the vagabond. She would always be with someone younger because she's a free spirit and one can keep up with Susan. After all, she has to travel the world for inspiration and bring back that magic everyone wants. Roberta is just there to help Susan organize her charaizma and of course, support her in every way she can.

While Jim would make the coolest dad. He'd meet up with someone on one of his band tours. A major hookup that would take him to Seattle, just to be a stay at home Dad and run his own recording business from home.
Robert Joy in his Richard Hell look. Punk but Sweet.

As for Roberta and Dez, would they have kids? Maybe a son. Just one. But he wouldn't come along until long after the two of them had had their many adventures on the streets of New York. Finding friends from all walks of life. And of course, they'd have working vacations in far off places like Haiti or India. After all, Roberta would get Dez into stocks and bonds just so he could buy that movie theater, make it into a chain so everyone could enjoy sweet and a amazing indie films.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Shannon Kook-Chun

Shannon is in his 20s and came to Canada 6 years ago after leaving South Africa. His father is Chinese and his mother is South African. He loves acting but is also passionate about dancing, singing, and photography. Shannon currently is on two shows, Baxter(CBC) and Degrassi.

On Degrassi he is Zane, yoga instructor and football kicker as well as Riley's boyfriend. He's certainly the sweetest guy on the show. In reality though, he's not gay. He said he's straight in an interview recently, but there is definitely chemistry between Riley and Zane, and yet his character is a mentor of sorts to Riley about coming out of the closet. His character is seriously a role model for the gay community.