Thursday, August 19, 2010

Vampires Suck - movie review

OK..there are a lot of haters out there about this move. Perhaps, the Twilight saga is just too sacred to them. The movie is suppose to be silly and stupid to make fun of the Twilight series. And if you listen carefully, you'll get an earful of all the vampire themes out there. Vampire Diaries. True Blood. Seriously, you aren't suppose to take it serious.

But I have to admit I found Jen Proske and Matt Lanter more watchable and enjoyable  than either Kristen Stewart or Robert Pattinson moments from the Twilight saga. Just too bad we didn't have more Jacob moments by Chris Riggi.

Of course, the plot is just a spoof of the movie. And there is everything from the Jonas brother to purity rings in this movie. You really have to keep focused on the humor in it or ..well, you might miss it. Of course, instead of going all the way to Italy for the big ending, why not have your prom as part of a vampire sacred day? Then add The Hangover's Ken Jeong as a head vampire and you've got a crazy time. It helps to have Deidrich Bader as Frank (Becca's dad).

This movie is brought to you of course by those who brought you Disaster Movie and Meet the Spartans..destined for Comedy Central in the near future. I'm sure. So wait to see it. Its not something you'll be writing a thesis on. Its just good for a laugh. And some of us need those from time to time.

This is Jen Proske's first major role. I do hope she gets more films. She really did have Stewart's scowls and ticks. Her voice sounded so much like Kristen's. She made me think a little of Daphne Zuniga from The Sure Thing. Seriously, though, I could really watch her and Matt in a serious movie and enjoy it. Its great that Matt, who is quite a night time soap star on 90210, can find time to have some fun in a silly movie like this. I like seeing that side of him.

Other unknowns who I hope we see more of is Nick Eversman as Jeremiah (the Jasper part) He was so William Defoe in his scene.

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