Sunday, August 8, 2010

Step Up 3D - movie review

I know you're thinking how could that be possible? A dance movie in 3D. Ridiculous. And yes, perhaps the first Step Up one was a better story than the second. Yet there were definitely some amazing moves with "Moose" in that second film which I have to admit were a lot more than what Tatum Channing might have done in the first one. But no worries. This movie has got  its talent. Everywhere.

Daniel 'cloud' Compos- the best boy dancer ever as Darkness.

And thankfully, the writers were thinking of Moose (Adam Servani ). We get to see his parents in this one. He is off to college at NYU with his best friend in the world, Camille(Alyson Stoner). Lets face it Adam Serveni is the Michael Cera of this movie. Possibly the Michael Cera of any boy dancer, in fact. And if you loved Moose in the previous Step Up or you're an Adam Servani fan, you are gonna see this movie. Add some wonderful eye candy who can pop it like Rick Malambri (Luke), Stephen Boss (Jason), and Daniel 'Cloud' Campos who can get wicked anywhere in a dance step and you got some major action going for a dance movie. Oh, and the 3D effects were brilliant.

I really enjoyed the dance number with Alyson and Adam on the street (the two had done work together earlier in a JC Penny dance commercial). I'm really glad she got in on the dance numbers. Of course, the big romance was between Luke and Natalie, Australia born Sharni Vinson who reminded me so much of Andie (Briana Evigan) from Step Up 2. Their moves were a lot a like. While Andie was more down on her luck and really into the street dance, Natalie who came off street dance smart was really a poor little rich girl. And of course, this means a lot of twist and turns in the battle of the world dance off in 3 rounds! I won't say the story was Shakespeare by any means, but still, the story was good enough. The dancing fantastic and a remarkable soundtrack too.

Step Up 3D

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