Monday, August 30, 2010

Skippy dies a novel by Paul Murray

Its quite a mystery. 14 year old Skippy dies at a donut shop. The book stars with a climax. Already the book is to be put to film by Neil Jordan.

The story takes place at Seabrook college. Of course, its based off of all the networking life out there with students and teachers. It explores his life with his family and friends. How he felt about girls and spent time with his mates with a rather cynical approach.

Of course, some might wonder if there is a decent person in the book. But its a story written with so much of Murray's poignant prose, yet he can somehow spark the humor in it too. Murray has a way of producing the 'goodness' of characters and yet the complexity of them being horrible at the same time. This is a rather character driven story. Not by one, but several.

Some put Paul Murray in the category of Salinger and D.B.C Pierre. The novel is full of everyday situations with teen pregnancy, teenage drug dealers and of course those naughty priests. He leaves no leaf unturned, so to speak when he takes his characters on quite a journey. Murray's previous novel An Evening of Long Goodbyes. 

Skippy Dies is in stores tomorrow. The novel was previously put in a boxed set of novelettes.

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