Saturday, August 7, 2010

Munro Chambers - a degrassi moment

So Munro Chambers is being mysterious. Its even hard to find out his age. However, he might be the coolest thing to hit Degrassi during the "boiling point". He seems OK. As of yet. His Eli might be a tad emo in the hearst that he drives. As if that would bother anyone. But hey, poor..sweet and innocent Clare really needed to meet someone interesting. Finally. Hopefully.

Munro is a cool name to begin with. Possibly cooler than his character's name Eli Goldworthy. Could this possibly mean trouble for the very religious christian Clare, who's folks are on the brink of a divorce? This might actually be one of the more sensitive stories of this six week mayhem of Degrassi. But the story never goes as far as you might like it.

Munro Chambers is Canadian, and an identical twin (Thomas Chambers is his brother). He was last seen in The Latest Buzz as Wilder. It looks like he's grown up since then. And Chambers seems to give his new character an edge. He soon might be the friend everyone wants at Degrassi. But its Clare's game with him, that is full of possibilities. I can only hope the writers won't edge him out as they have some of their more recent resident characters. But anything is possible on this show. Personally, I'm glad Munro is on board. I hope he works every scene they give him.

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