Friday, August 27, 2010

Degrassi's boiling point

Munro Chambers & J.E.Campbell as El & Fitz
I suppose the whole point of this boiling point theme..might have had to do with someone's point in the boiler room. Lets say, it was something of the oral nature. Or it could be said, this might be  just how a girl would bully another girl, by making someone's boyfriend disappear. OK, I'm talking in riddles.

Honestly, the storylines for the most part were about bullying in school. Degrassi usually tries to find something edcuational in their stories. Can't say they did much about it other than letting you be aware of it. I'm sure with all the massive bullying in Florida among other places made them think they had to do this. Of course, its high school. And being in a high school is its own little universe. Sometimes, when you are there in your circle, you forget to look at the big picture. There are far more horrific things going on in the world with disseasters, miners trapped in mines where they might not get home til Christmas, and people drowning in floods on the other side of the world who are probably starving when its not raining.

And so, what was Degrassi's point with the "boiling point"..especially, after last night's ending?
Aislinn Paul as Clare

OK, Degrassi's got a hot new character who's got problems. Possibly manic depression. His ex was hit by bus or something after they had a fight. And he's gone Emo. Made fun of for his eyeliner, hanging out with a transgender girl and being hot and cold with the girl he likes. Eli aka Munro Chambers. Lets just say everything goes better on Degrassi with  Munro Chambers around. He smirks. His voice. He's definitely got a wide range of emotions he can expose which I can't say that for that many in the cast. In reality, Munro is 20 on the show..just sixteen and an awesome 16 he is, which can't always be said about the 20-somethings out there being high schoolers in TV land.

B luring Drew to the boiler room (Alicia Josipovic&Luke Bilyk)

But..and a BIG BUT..last night episode did not deliver..other than a strip tease from Holly J for Sav in the auditorium..I'm afraid. Drew didn't stand up to his mother about Ali in the boiler room. Yes, something had happened between he and Bianca in the boiler-room which devastated Ali, but she couldn't get revenge on that with someone else in the boiler room.

Fitz, the bully, almost came off as a good guy. ..but he had a knife..and well, there was a moment we thought he was going to use it on Eli..but the knife got stuck in the wall. True. We didn't really want to see Eli get hurt...but still..something major should have happened...and it didn't. The hypothesis is..being the victim of a bully creates a bullying is contagious and perhaps thats how terrorist are created.

As for myself, well, I did see a friend of mine get beat up when I was in high school. I was so furious, I actually jumped on the guy's back and pulled his hair. Needless, to say I was known as the crazy girl. But I think if you know there is bullying going on..make loud that you know something is happening.

What might have been more fitting if Ali and Bianca would have had a catfight, but I don't think I'd want to fight over Drew. Best advice. Move on. I have seen many a girl-fight over boys. Its really not worth it.

Annie Clark as Fiona

It looks like Declan will be back for Holly J in October. He isn't exactly a bad boy. Just this rich kid who thinks money can buy everything. His sister Fiona was pretty good... being a drunk, but that's past her now. Some funny moments with her making memorable moments. Who knew Annie Clark had it in her. I'd still like to see her hook up with Peter. He needs at least one last good hook-up before he goes.

Zane & Riley
And so out of character. Still find it hard to believe KC would reject Jenna and not accept responsibility for his child that she's going to have. I really think he would.

Another thumbs down, Riley and Zane should have been elected King & King and they weren't. Hopefully, for Prom, for sure. Zane really did look absolutely adorable in his flower barrette in his hair.

Spencer Van Wyck as Wesley
Thumbs up, scene stealer Wesley (part of the nerd heard). He won a 2 dollar date with Anya. I hope that goes sweet. Honestly, Anya had the saddest story. Her mom having cancer, but she did rekindle her friendship with Riley and yes, he figured out he was a homo with a homophobe problem. Honestly, though, it would have been much more intriguing if perhaps he'd shown his anger issues out on someone he loved. I have had plenty of my gay friends dealing with boyfriends that do beat them up. Its an issue I know people say can't happen, but it does.

Shannon Kook-Chun as Zane

And to sweeten the deal, it would  have been a mega twisted storyline if Adam and Eli hooked up, or even better Adam crushing on Clare who is practically orgasmic around Eli. But as you can guess..that didn't happen.
Adam & Eli
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