Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cherrybomb-movie review

What can I say, I've wanted to watch this film forever now..because I'm a Rupert Grint fan. Naturally. What I didn't know was how I'd be instantly amazed and obessed with Robert Sheehan in the movie as Luke.

This is an Irish film. And yeah its about the lives of the misbehaving youth. Sex. Drugs. Alcohol. Basically, a SKINS type theme. Michelle(Kimberly Nixon) is rather Effy - minded. The haute girl who's Dad runs the place where Rupert works. She is trouble from the very start. Perhaps she's just a player. Messing with boys' minds. Its who can be the badest will get her first. So you have best mates, Luke and Malachy in a competion to win her. You know this won't end well.

But as you look at Luke and Malachy's lives, you see where they come from and where they'll end up. Is that what they really want out of life? Luke has a hard life taking care of his, out of his mind Dad..who could have came right out of the series Shameless while his brother does pretty good in the drug world. Malachy comes from a loving family and has good grades. It definitely could bank on desturbing at times. But somehow Luke and Malachy manage their friendship.

Rob is just amazing with his rock star swagger, the pain of life pulsing through him as Luke. He's been seen a bit on TV through BBC's Misfits ITV's Rock Rivals and also on the Tudors. Hist next big thing is Season of the Witch and Killing Bono with Ben Barnes.

One can only ponder just what the real relationship is between Luke and Malachy. Truly, it has it moments. Rupert is always a natural. His hair worried me a little, but still very cool movie. Great soundtrack too.  And I have to admit I love his movies because the dude can really act.

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