Monday, July 19, 2010

oh so Gordy

OK, I couldn't think of a better title, but it could be Joseph Gordon-Levitt's summer. He's 28 now and last summer well, he did it with 500 days of Summer. Can he score big this summer too?

Well, it helps to get a role in a Christoper Nolan film, Inception with a dream cast at that. He got to practice his French off camera with Marion Cotillard and kiss Ellen Page on screen. Not bad for a summer gig. And of course, what he really does best, showing us just how graceful he is, walking on walls and floating in space. Definitely a film to be proud of.

And then there is Hesher which many of us might not have a chance to grab tickets for, but wait for the DVD instead. But only Joey could show us the many sides of himself in a movie like this one. His co-star is Natalie Portman. His character is somewhat of a loner, but still he burns up the screen in this little indie film. Naturally, Joey is good at making his characters complex.

You can have it either way this summer with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Indie or blockbuster.

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