Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Gates - a review

Its like Desperate Housewives has gone vamps.

True, its summer, and possibly the series won't last long. And if you think this is campy, well, you are wrong. You've got some hearty acting going on. Especially, when it comes to Rhona Mitra, who you may remember from Boston Legal. She's perfect as Claire Radcliff, the vampire who's married to a vampire, Luke Mably as Dylan Radcliff. Both have come to the Gates to raise their daughter. Of course, one might wonder if she's really their daughter.

There are lots of mysteries in THE GATES. As in werewolves running amuck and a witch or two just might be at your beckoning call if you need something to help your worries.

Thus you have the Mahon family move in from Chicago. Nick Mahon who is the new police chief (Frank Grillo) as if they'd need one in that community.
Enter Travis Caldwell, as the police chief's son Charlie. As it is, Travis has been a bit player until now on most shows. An episode here and there from Zoey 101 to most recently as Colin on Parenthood. His character is quite interesting as he comes between two werewolves with raging hormones.

Granted, the show is of the supernatural. Its about time Dark Shadows moved to the burbs.  And this show just might be worth watching. I really liked the character development after the first episode. The show is written by Richard Hatem who was the co-executive producer of Supernatural along with Grant Scharbo who wrote for the series The Moutain.

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