Sunday, July 4, 2010

boys of summer

Where to start....

hmmmmm....well, you know how it is. Summer TV. Its just there. You don't have to like it. Really. Right? And then someone comes along and catches your eye. Like....

Keegan Allen who we absolutely know nothing about. He has but one credit other than being Toby Cavanaugh the bad boy brother who may or may not be evil on Pretty Little Liars. Before this he was in something way back in 2002 as some shop keeper's son. He has more than just dazzling eyes. He actually reminds me of Soap Actor Roger Howarth who was just a day player on One Life to Live yet made Todd Manning into the anti-hero of all soaps. Maybe Keegan could do the same thing on Pretty Little Liars if given half the chance.

James Preston part of the wolf pack on THE GATES was only spotted as the cute guy on Make it or Break it and an episode of The Forgotten. He's heating things up as the friend trying to help his fellow wolf companions make the transitions of the woods. But then again you might have spotted him in an Abercrombie & Fitch photo spread.

 We must not forget about Michael Bakari Jordan from Friday Night Lights. He is a shining star as the new quarter back, Vince Howard. He got his start in All My Children along the way with lots of other great shows like Without a Trace and Cold Case. He has 2 new projects in the work Pastor Brown and Red Tails. With his acting abilities, this is just the beginning for Michael.

Then there is Shannon Kook-Chun who is Zane on Degrassi as Riley's new boyfriend. He graced us with his yoga moves earlier in the season, but then things got serious between he and Riley. Zane, on the show is openly gay while Riley hasn't decided if he's ready for such a feat yet. He was Xan in a short drama called Verona before joining the cast of Degrassi. He's soon to be in a new short film called 3 Mothers. Other places on TV he's been Cash and Burn, The Border and Being Erica. Even Amanda Seyfried thinks he's kissable.

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