Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer Degrassi

Let the drama rama begin this July as things finally heat up on Degrassi with the promise it'll be on 4 nights a week! Things tighten up and unravel. Maybe Spinner isn't the dummy, after all. What will happen to Jane? Rumor has it, she might get whats coming to her from her hidden fling with Declan. Some fans would like to see her character offed. But how?

There hasn't been a serious storyline of a character's dismissal since JT was stabbed. Tis true... this past year, the storylines on the show have been quite lame. But if they'd panned out like we expected then we would have said, "Yeah, that was SO predictable..." And if characters like Jamie Johnstone, who plays Peter, were killed off, how would we feel? He is leaving the show.

But lets not get ahead of ourselves. In comes some new faces that we all might fall in love with. We've got Drew who makes life miserable for Riley when he catches on to his romance with Zane, yet Drew is also getting hot and heavy with brainy Ali. One might wonder how smart that girl is now. Clare has a new infatuation with Eli (Munro Chambers). And here's the kicker, new Adam is actually a girl (Jordon Todosay from Life with Derek). Also Fiona might have an actual storyline. For months now, fans had debated if their is an incestuous relationship going on with Fiona and her brother Declan. Honestly, I hope not. But she has some sort of mystery to her that was never really cleared up. I thought it would have been interesting if she had a lesbian storyline. Degrassi in the past has been an eye-opener on this sort of theme ... long before you'd see such a story-line in the states. It looks like whatever the writers chose, there will be drama.

Unfortunately, Degrassi promos are usually misleading. Its never quite what you expected in most cases, but you never know. Anything is possible on Degrassi. Like the time Darcy and Peter had sex in the nurse's office. The writers are sneaky. They can make stuff happen in the last ten minutes of the show. So it'll be interesting to see just where this teen saga goes. Of course, some wish they'd stick a fork in it and be done with the show. But as life, this teen drama evolves. Other shows have taken this road too, like Glee and Skins. People do grow up. Its great to see old faces come back and visit. We love new beginnings too. And it might just happen this summer on Degrassi.

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