Monday, June 7, 2010

nothing special

OK, I'm depressed. What else is new? Blogger is being funky on me, on top of everything else. If that wasn't enough, yesterday my laptop went weird. Luckily, Jonah got it fixed. And then before I knew it, Blogger had issues. Can't edit stuff I've already scheduled. Yeah, I'm the worst editor in the world..if you haven't guessed, already.

So, other than that, I feel as if I've had this really low-blow of some kind. Still.

My brother came over and we made something vegetarian. Not really his favorite thing, but we didn't starve. It was ratatouille. Lots of chopping was involved. Then we watched some episodes of The Inbetweeners. I so love the guy who plays Simon on the show. Just something about him. He seems sweet, but quite oblivious to everything. Maybe I need to be more like that right now, too.

Anyway, I don't know if this will publish or not.I thought I'd try. I can't leave comments. I had no idea this would upset me, this much. I don't have much time. I should be eating lunch and getting back to work.

Really, I didn't do much of anything this weekend. But I wrote a little and well, I want to write more if Blogger ever gets fixed so I can do that. Well, I'll write somewhere to store it and hopefully get it where it needs to go. I hope.

Its like the worst Monday ever. It might rain. Of course, it could be worse. Storms. Tornadoes. Miserable times in the mid-west. The wind gets so bad, it knocks down trees. Of course, cotton-woods are hallow and well, you wouldn't think they'd be dangerous, but they are.

Hopefully, next time I'll be in a great mood when I post. I'll try.

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