Saturday, June 12, 2010

the glam tour

I had the last minute opportunity to go to an Adam Lambert concert last week in Council Bluffs. It was an outdoor concert and over age 21 show. So there were a mix of people I normally don't see at shows. Old people and lots of alcohol. The show was set up between the showboat casino and behind the casino's hotel. This meant bring your own lawn chair. We had to stand in line for a bit, but really, it wasn't that bad even if the conditions were muggy and hot. It was also in Iowa, which is the new gateway for gay marriage. Perhaps, thats why Adam decided to make a stop here. Whatever reason, we're glad he did. He certainly knows how to bring it. And he had plenty of costume changes and dancers too. He loves to bring on the suspense. Seriously, I thought he wasn't going to be there when his first song started. It seemed to take him forever to get on the stage. Honestly, it would have been more of a glam tour if AFI had been with Adam. But who would open, huh? They'd been in Omaha just a few days earlier playing at the Sokol which I have to admit I am fond of that small venue. Still. Lots of rocking shows there over the last few decades. Sorry, I have a crappy camera. It was a long evening. Especially the waiting and well, we did not sit close enough as I wanted, but still the music was loud. It was summer and well, I'm glad I had a chance to go and see Allison Iraheta team up with Orianthi. Granted I felt both were out of their element. Over dressed, for one thing. But those two belted it out and tried to move the crowd. Of course, most had came to see Adam. I love Michael Jackson's last great find, perhaps, Orianthi. This girl can so rock it on the guitar. I do think they would have gotten more of a crowd at an underage show. As it was, the song came on before Alison did, and she left the stage before her small set was over. It was a little sad. I do like her CD. She's lost so much weight. Perhaps its more sweat than stress. It was so hot and muggy. Ori on the other hand, talked a little about where she was from, but no mention of Michael Jackson. Of course, what sets her apart from others on her new CD is the lead guitar solos. If you really love some electric to listen to, she's your girl.

Lets say there was a lot of hugging and kissing of the gay kind at the show. My brother told me the next time Adam plays, not to take him. I did see someone's grandmother get the boot. Not sure if she was escorted out because she said too much while under the influence of alcohol, or she was just frustrated with those girls and the hoola hoops who thought they were hot stuff and taking too much valuable space, where I could have been sitting.

Honestly though, I think Adam has hit an unusual realm for an audience. Everyone's mother and the gay dude who must have slid into those pants with butter. Not that I'm saying anything is wrong with that, but I know a lot of us from a younger scene... find- to be a bit put off with him. Maybe its that.. he doesn't leave much to the imagination in song. Granted, he could be a new Freddie Mercury..but Freddie would have never taken a road quite like this. He let the music speak for itself..a lot the way Meeka does. As I was leaving the show, I spotted quite a few under age girls though..possibly 11 that had some how slipped in near the end to watch. Unfortunately, a few sloshed drunks around. Can't say the timing was perfect, but lots of security on the walk out.

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