Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Get him to the Greek - movie review

This comedy is loosely based on characters from Forgetting Sarah Marshall, but mind you, you don't really have to see Forgetting Sarah Marshall to enjoy this feature motion picture. Naturally, it has Russell Brand (Aldous Snow) who does what he does best. The almost has been rock star just sang the wrong song. His tunes are  quite explicit to say the least, but he goes over the line with African Child as the movie opens up. As well..he may really rub some the wrong way with is "Space Jesus" monologue..but as you watch it..you're thinking it.

There is his one remaining die-hard fan, Hill (OK, there are many who just didn't like that last song), and not once do they ask each other "have we met before..." This has to be one of Jonah Hills' most mature roles yet. His Aaron Green is quite green at the record company where he works while his outrageous boss (Sean Combs) is shooting them all down with their pitches for hitting cash in these hardtimes with music artists..suddenly, Aaron is golden with his idea about Aldous' comeback. So the games begin.

The movie is full of sex, drugs and what ever a rock'n roller needs to make it through this cruel world. And naturally, Rus can bring it with his brand of raunchiness. Yeah, he's a sex animal with his Jackie Q (Rose Byrne) and then some.

My favorite cameo would have to be Tom Felton's. If only he could have been in the film longer, but he was great. So cool. And well, so Tom..the way I'd definitely want him to be.

Brand does some very explicit songs along the way. My favorite "Bangers, beans and mash". There are some tender moments too. Its not all a rollercoaster of havoc. Aaron's sweetie, Daphne played by Elisabeth Moss was priceless. I did love their moments together as the hard working doctor who always seemed to be on call. These are Jason Segel's characters even if the screenplay was written by Nicholas Stoller..you still get Jason's vibe.

You can only hope Russ and Katy can make it work some day. I have a feeling he might be a really cool guy, after all.

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