Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Eclipse - movie review

Its coming. And I went back for more. Why? I'm starting to ask myself? Why was I dead set on going? Hmm...really. Is it because I have a gaga crush on Jackson Rathbone? Is it because Tayler Lautner aka Jacob Black won me over in NEW MOON? So many thoughts racing through my head. Then I heard from a friend, "Oh yeah, Jasper had more to do this time, except they put shadows under his eyes because I guess, you know, Jackson is so much prettier than Pattison..." Now, I really had to see it.

So yes, it opens the dark. Rainy. Mysterious. And it happens out of nowhere. Poor Riley. You soon find out. Then suddenly, we're in the field with Edward and Bella. And its kind of slow, after that. Not that I wanted a fast paced movie. But you know, can Kristen not get anymore romantic? I dunno, as I'm watching, I'm thinking how would Emily Browning have looked at Gaspard Ulliel. You just know this guy would eat her up with his eyes alone, and that smile of sly, a tad mischievous, edges curling up. Her apple cheeks all sweet as she gazes at him. No words needed. I mean, it would have been like watching too old souls meet. Perhaps. That didn't happen. Kristen seemed a tad bored. As usual.

And then there is Jasper to save the day to fight the newborns as it comes to be. Thankfully, we get a little history on him. That tried and true Texan. Even so, the blond curly mess, doesn't exactly do him. Yet, even being so animated this go around, he comes off more robotic. I don't want to be hard on the film, nor him  because, deep down I've seen... he can do it. He can act, it was just a bit formula, after awhile... that banked on preposterous with all the vamps siding. Those fight scenes were just a bit too much to take seriously. I suppose.

Then we have Taylor Lautner who comes off more believable that the rest. Fortunately. But the pack, well, they might as well be a bunch of silly pups dancing around. True, some great Native American storytelling, and yet, I wanted to laugh during those flashbacks too. And Leigh was no picnic, either. I know. I'm bad. Oh, and I wanted to laugh about the 'imprinting' too. Leigh (Julia Jones) and Sam. I had to think about that. I squinted hard about it, too.

 Of course, I want Jacob Black to win her back. For Bella to live life. But you've got the tent scene with the three of them. Kind of awkward. So much talking.

On the upside, I really did like new comer, Xavier Samuels as Riley. Honestly, I wished he would have been more in the story than just ripping out throats, after awhile. We learn vamps can turn other vamps to stone. Something I did not know. Dakota Fanning doesn't have to do much to look evil, nor act it.

Honestly, its as if the story has not moved forward at all. Might as well be rewind, repeat and recyle. It seems to be at a stand still with the love triangle between Bella, Jacob and Edward. The soundtrack wasn't all that, either. I liked the New Moon soundtrack much more.

Of course, no one would want to know where I'd want to take this story. Of course, it might be cool if Jasper found out he was a long lost relative of Jamie Campbell Bowar's character..who I know wasn't in the movie. But wouldn't they make cool brothers in something? Just saying. God, if I had my choice everyone would just get over Bella and bring in the new girl who actually did something. Or Bella would want to be with Jacob maybe once, then he'd dump her and find new hot girl in the pack, who is the reincarnation of Pocahontas.

Yeah, all these scenes running through my head. And they weren't in the movie.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lets get juvenial

Remember the days when you couldn't wait to read the next chapter book of the Baby Sitter's Club? It's been a decade since the last Baby-sitters Club books came out, and 24 years since the first book was published.

Before there was the Baby-Sitters Club, there were four girls named Kristy Thomas, Mary Anne Spier, Claudia Kishi, and Stacey McGill. As they start the summer before seventh grade (also before they start the BSC), each of them is on the cusp of a big change. Kristy is still hung up on hoping that her father will return to her family. Mary Anne has to prove to her father that she's no longer a little girl who needs hundreds of rules. Claudia is navigating her first major crush on a boy. And Stacey is leaving her entire New York City life order to find new friends in Stoneybrook, Connecticut.

When asked why she decided to write a preequel now, Ann M. Martin said, "It was fun to explore their lives in the prequel, "The Summer Before," and to figure out what led the girls to form The Baby-sitters Club, something that would eventually change their lives. It was like a reunion with friends--friends who haven’t changed a bit." She also admitted that Kristy's Great Idea, the first of the series was her favorite of all the BSC.

Of course, many of us wish she would write about the girls now. Martin said, "I understand the fascination of the older BSC fans who would like to know what happened with the characters when they got older. It’s thrilling to realize that after all these years the fans remain passionate about the books and the characters in The Baby-sitters Club. I can see Kristy running a business--I can also see her being in politics. I think Mary Anne became a teacher. I imagine Stacey went into fashion--not as a designer, but maybe on the business side. And Claudia became an artist. I think fans can fill in for the rest of the characters!"

Perhaps the presequel will open new doors for young fans to re-visit. This book will make many of us in our 20's and 30's smile too. Its in bookstores now or on the new books shelf in your library in the children's area.

Summer Degrassi

Let the drama rama begin this July as things finally heat up on Degrassi with the promise it'll be on 4 nights a week! Things tighten up and unravel. Maybe Spinner isn't the dummy, after all. What will happen to Jane? Rumor has it, she might get whats coming to her from her hidden fling with Declan. Some fans would like to see her character offed. But how?

There hasn't been a serious storyline of a character's dismissal since JT was stabbed. Tis true... this past year, the storylines on the show have been quite lame. But if they'd panned out like we expected then we would have said, "Yeah, that was SO predictable..." And if characters like Jamie Johnstone, who plays Peter, were killed off, how would we feel? He is leaving the show.

But lets not get ahead of ourselves. In comes some new faces that we all might fall in love with. We've got Drew who makes life miserable for Riley when he catches on to his romance with Zane, yet Drew is also getting hot and heavy with brainy Ali. One might wonder how smart that girl is now. Clare has a new infatuation with Eli (Munro Chambers). And here's the kicker, new Adam is actually a girl (Jordon Todosay from Life with Derek). Also Fiona might have an actual storyline. For months now, fans had debated if their is an incestuous relationship going on with Fiona and her brother Declan. Honestly, I hope not. But she has some sort of mystery to her that was never really cleared up. I thought it would have been interesting if she had a lesbian storyline. Degrassi in the past has been an eye-opener on this sort of theme ... long before you'd see such a story-line in the states. It looks like whatever the writers chose, there will be drama.

Unfortunately, Degrassi promos are usually misleading. Its never quite what you expected in most cases, but you never know. Anything is possible on Degrassi. Like the time Darcy and Peter had sex in the nurse's office. The writers are sneaky. They can make stuff happen in the last ten minutes of the show. So it'll be interesting to see just where this teen saga goes. Of course, some wish they'd stick a fork in it and be done with the show. But as life, this teen drama evolves. Other shows have taken this road too, like Glee and Skins. People do grow up. Its great to see old faces come back and visit. We love new beginnings too. And it might just happen this summer on Degrassi.

Monday, June 28, 2010

HUGE & OBSESSED - TV reviews

One is fiction. The other is nonfiction. HUGE made its debut tonight on ABC Family while this is the second season of OBSESSED on A & E. Both shows find a way to get to the heart of the matter.

Nikki Blonsky truly is a rare breed. Sure, she makes you think a little of Ricki Lake. After all they had the same part in HAIRSPRAY. But this chick has spunk. Honestly, she reminds me of a close friend of mine. No matter what size she is, she is the life of the party. Naturally, her Will is happy with herself. And from the get go with her little strip number, everyone in camp knows she's the coolest. Of course, she is determined to under-mind the camp and make a little cash on the side with all her hidden treats in her suitcase. And then there is Amber who has gone from one obession to another. From craving food to craving affection. Which is entirely new to her. And I like her innocents in spite of every girl envying her perfect curves and oh so blond goddess stance.

Of course, as I watched this, it reminded me of a boy I knew in grade school. In spite of the pudgy hands and the round, thick body, he had awesome hair and amazing blue eyes. Of course, he was a tough cookie. He hated everything and everyone, but food. It was as if he was going to hide, expressionless, bored and would tolerate no one. And then I saw him one day calm a girl down who was going through something kind of like a seizure, except it was an emotional one in our class. And when he helped her, well, everything changed. Of course, I think that is the key, learning to help each other. To make a better change. To stay healthy. Stay strong in your journey. And I hope that show can do that. It has some really loveable characters. Hopefully, people will give the show a chance.

OBSESSED brings us a couple of OCD victims with various problems each show and how they are talked through their mental illness which affects not just themselves but their loved ones, as well. Many are unable to work. Sometimes, its hard to watch. But the whole show is about facing their fears over a 12 course. Usually, these OCD matters happen after a traumatic event has happened in their life. And it is probably a lot more common than we want to admit. Its a fascinating show.  And yet, you might feel you've over done it by watching one episode.

Anyway, two shows to tune in on Mondays this summer.

More than just Becky on Friday Night Lights

Granted, she hasn't been in much other than Friday Night Lights. And to some, she has such a miserable part with that tangy voice of hers. Becky has it bad for Tim. But there is the age difference. And after all, Tim has recalled that he slept with Becky's Mom. Although, I'm not sure she knows that. It might make more drama if she did. Madison Burge beat out a lot of season competion for the role of Becky. She plays the 15 year old trouble maker on the show.

Honestly, its hard to find the 311 on Madison Burge. She's been in local theater and independent stuff around Austin, Texas, the last 7 years. She is definitely the real deal when it comes to a Texas girl, an 18 year old from Hutto(a small town merging with Austin).

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Every now and then there comes along a Justin who just rocks your world. He makes you think of a time when you were young and anything  is possible. You get in a sad way. His music makes you happy. Its like a sick addiction, perhaps. Oh, God, please don't hate me.

True, I'm going through a break-up. Yes, the break-up who hasn't exactly left yet. Perhaps the slowest break-up in history. He has no where to go. We are still sleeping together because we can't part with that big bed. And no, its not what you think. Its a matter of space than anything else. Even so. Its still a break-up. And yeah, that's when it happened. Road to recovery. I found Justin Bieber.

I know. I so hate to admit this. I do. My own guilty pleasure. Just listening to that voice of his and God, I wanted to hate every song on that playlist. I really did. But I couldn't.

Why is it he can make little girls cry? Usually, with glee. I suppose. Not that I've noticed. I'm really not into his moves or when the next time he'll walk into glass doors. Possibly, his fame is fleeting. Just how long can you sound like the ghost of Michael Jackson when you first start out? Probably not long.

Just when I was hoping MGMT would do the trick, or one of my other favorites like Metro Station or Sufjan Stevens. Nope, it was Justin Bieber to the rescue. Making everything rosie or just feeling the beat to get me through the day. I'm sure someday I will put that playlist away. Enough of that. For good. Sometimes, someones music just has to help you get you back on the road, again. And it seems possible with tunes like Runaway Love and Up.

Lets just blame it on temporary insanity. OK.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

the short second life of Bree Turner

Take a very obscure character from a book that you didn't think twice about, get a second look, and darn, if Stephanie Meyer can't rock your world of literature, once again. Of course, you will either find it quite brilliant or so depressing that you can't recommend it to anyone.

I gotta say, Steph is cashing in on her own fan fiction. Perhaps. Or is it the fact, she can not stay away from her beloved cast of Twilight characters? Well, I'm not saying she's Anne Rice who invites Lestate to dinner or anything, but of course, I guess Steph could do anything...if she wanted. She does have the power now, and she's feeding a nation of readers what they want. I'm sure she's making everyone happy, including herself.

Of course, many of us Jacob Black fans wish she'd look into a series of books about the pack. Like, how did Sam know the tradition of it. Who was head of the pack before him? Oh, go back centuries where the Native Americans roamed the plains. Maybe Crazy Horse had something to do with it. Or the white buffalo. Where did all the traditions come from? How do they find a mate? Questions. Questions. Questions. And Steph has all the answers, and we would savor every one of them.

As Anne Rice once ruled queen writer of the vampire world, now its Stephanie's realm. But wait??? What about L.J. Smith and the Vampire Diaries which were tampered with by the writers of the show. And will there actually be books about Jeremy and Anna? Well, there should be.

We need these imaginations at work so we can get a different perspective of that very dark world. How vampires truly operate. And here I thought they slept in the daytime.

Monday, June 21, 2010

another Taylor

This Taylor was ripped way before your Taylor from Twilight. And he's been in the way of The Covenant which may or may not have given him much credit to acting. But some of us could watch that movie for so many other reasons than plot, and he's the eye candy ploy as to why, no doubt.

Never the less, Taylor Kitsch has shown he's worth his weight in talent from being on the critically acclaimed Friday Night Lights. You gotta love his Tim. Wayward, stoic, the man boy who just couldn't stay away from the bottle who is back in the last few episodes that NBC will give us this summer of the small town football series. I've fallen in love with the show. Mainly because of Tim. He's grown so much since 2006 as a person. He's  more than a shirtless prize on the show. His Tim has heart. He is the beauty and the beast of the show.

Back in 2002 he went to New York City to learn the craft of acting from the world renowned acting coach Sheila Gray. It paid off. He was the it boy soon with movies like Snakes on a Plane, The Covenant and X-Men. But there is life after the teen years. And it goes to show, he is a man's man. Most definitely.

His upcoming projects you can soon find him in are The Bang Bang Club, John Carter of Mars (he's Carter in this one BTW) and Battleship.

There has been rumor of a Gambit film from the X-Man saga since he was Gambit, well..shouldn't he be in the lead? There are still those who don't think he has it to be the lead. Hopefully, his other projects will show he can go the extra mile at the box office. We need a hero in film, and I think he just might be up for the taking. He is one to watch for.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Knight and Day - Movie review

I went to a sneak preview of this movie. There was actually a packed house. People miss Tom Cruise. evidently. And oddly, the dude delivered.

How does he do it? He's so fit, and looks younger than ever. OK, there was one scene he looked totally ripped, but the beach scene, well, you know..still fit. Cameron on the other hand, I dunno if she can keep up this many movies as the younger woman because she's starting to show she might be 'cougar' material. But in all honesty, I hope she won't go the plastic route. I hope she'll just decide its OK to age.

The movie was action packed with a little tango trist soundtrack in the background. It moved along like a quick quick step dance number for a while. Cruise was his almost irritating self. True the plot was a bit like "my own worst enemy" in places from the canceled NBC TV Christian Slater show. But there was fun to. As Miller (Cruise) showed June (Cameron) the ropes. So lots of danger etc. All along, you have to wonder who's the bad guy/ who's the good guy. Yet, somehow you can still follow.

Really, one of the highlights of the film is Paul Dano's role. If only he could have been in it longer. He truly was ace.

Its definitely a date night movie. Young and old want to see Tom do his stuff. And he was there to make good on his promise, through his cocky attitude to running with the bulls on a motorcycle. Yeah, maybe he is the every-ready battery that no one can steal.

Jonah Hex - movie review

Just in time for Dad's day out. What we've all been waiting for! A western based on a graphic novel, no less.

Yeap, you got it. Something for the young and grandpa too. Amazingly, PG-13. Who would have thunk it? Everything a guy could want. Weapons, explosions and Megan Fox.

The cast has some great actors. I haven't seen John Malkovich sink his teeth into being a villian like this in ages. More surprises, Aidan Quin as President Grant. Of course, who can show pain better than Josh Brolin? I've loved him since Goonies.

Definitely a guy's movie that some might not see a problem in taking their little guy to. I did see many a Dad out with their underage tween. Based on a DC comic, what could be the harm? Laced with one liners from a modern day Mae West is Megan Fox's Lilah. She knows she's a pin up girl, and she's making the most of it in her sultry part. Remember, this film is pushing an R-rating so if you have a problem with men visiting the upstair rooms of a drinking establishment and violent rampages to go with it, you may want to stay away. But if you want some good fun for a little while, then sit back and enjoy the show.

True, Malkovich's Turnbull is no more than a terrorist. War has turned him bad, for good. And its his doing that has severed the life, Hex (Josh Brolin) knew, leaving him more than scarred for life. Jonah Hex can talk to dead people with a touch, thanks to the Crows bringing him back from the dead. Naturally, Turnbull has so many sinister plans, killing women and children along the way that the President finally calls for Jonah's help.

So the plot begins. And just how will Jonah save our good nation? You'll just have to buy some popcorn and see for yourself at the theater.

Granted, this is no drama for your Mama, but it will certainly give you a laugh here and there of things said and how a trigger took care of the problem. If you are missing Westerns as much as I do, this has a dose of Clint Eastwood-like moves. Landscapes you swear could be from a spaghetti western, yet it is kept real with the feel of being there from the sweat clinging to Megan's bosoms to the rugged demeanor of a past life once known. Granted, this is more of back East after the civil war (yet, there are guns and horses), but it does give one the historical feel of a war that had gone on so long that perhaps all men had left in their souls to do is hate and destruction. Something to think about in our present time. Isn't it just history repeating itself? At least in this movie, there is a hero. Jonah Hex.

Friday, June 18, 2010

just another story - Nez in the City

They don't even know who I am at the Brownstone. Its like I woke up in a nightmare, and it doesn't help that my best friend from high school has chunked me for an Italian dude because he makes really good sauce. She wanted to visit his hometown in Italy.

Yeah, I'm no Blair whats her face from Gossip Girl. Just Clair from some little place in the Heartland. What was I thinking? Natalie, letting me come to the Big Apple for the summer because she found me a job in the mailroom where I thought she worked. Maybe she never even worked there.

I'm beginning to think I've been cast in a shallow version of 90210. All these people here are so into themselves. They ignore me like the furniture.

Except one. Who would have never fit into the show, anyway. Nez.

"We think he came with the place." This wantabe model told me. Franka who likes to see how long she can go without eating.

"I don't even know if he has a job." Jared informed me who never left the place unless he was in a suit.

Then there was Penn, and Hope and some chick named Strawberry. I'm not sure what they did, but they were on their smart phones, a lot. So I'm sure it was important. Strawberry lived in the closet and Penn slept with Hope but sometimes he slept with Jared too. Really, I didn't ask what any of this was about. I just felt lucky I had a place to crash. Or did I?

It was chaos. I slept in a bed of corn chips on the couch most nights. Then one night Natalie left with this Romeo, and I hadn't seen her since. Really, it was getting scary. I didn't even have a key to the place.

So when I woke one morning, there was Nez. All alone with the remote control. I was told he didn't speak to the others. They didn't even know if he spoke English. They said to ignore him. But he dusted the corn chips crumbs off my face for a snack I guess. He was staring when I looked up at him.

"Did you break the remote?" He asked.

"Did I?" I glared at him wondering if I'd even make it to work. I didn't even know how to get there. So I told him a few of my problems.

"Well, that sucks." He winced.

"I would go home if I could, but Natalie took all my money and-"

"Don't say another word." He motioned for me to come with him. "I've got the largest room in the place." He nodded.

He opened the door to his little world. He had a regular sized bed, but above it was a twin sized bed. "See, you can sleep all by yourself."

"I don't even know you." I looked at him as if this would be impossible.

"Well, you need a place to sleep, don't you?" He looked at me, seriously. We were, after all, being serious. "Come on, I'll take you to breakfast so you'll get to know me." He shrugged. Of course, I had to go to the bathroom and wash my face before I could go anywhere.

"So you lived here all your life?" I wondered if he had lived at the brownstone forever.

"Not really." He shrugged, buying me a coffee and bagel. We stood on the street and watched the people walk by, while stuffing ourselves with cream cheese and crunchy bagels.

"Are you a run-away?" I couldn't help but ask. He didn't dress exactly like an executive like Penn or Jared.

"What is this? 20 questions?" He grinned.

"No, but you know, I'm trying to get to know you." I reminded him.

"Oh. Well, I've been around. Parks. That kind of thing. Sleeping with the pigeons, you know." He shrugged.

A flock of pigeons flew to the sky from my feet then which made me slightly jump back.

"And now the brownstone." I nodded.

"Yeah, the brownstone." His smile was sincere. "Look, I'm a messenger carrier. Except, its not exactly the career I'd hoped for. Seems, I'm needed less and less."

"This economy sucks." I sighed.

"Yeah, but I got my room back at the brownstone." He nodded.

"Yeah, how did you get it?" I glared at him, wondering just how mysterious he really was.

"I helped this old lady." He was kind of coy with that answer.

"How old was she?" I had to get a perspective on this. Was she as old as my Mom or my grandmother?

"Old." His eyes lit slightly. "Lets just say I did a good deed."

We were at the building where I was working for Natalie. See, she needed a tempt. And I was playing Natalie in the mailroom. Evidently. I guess it was on the up an up. Still I got lost in the building everyday. Naturally, I got a few laughs that way.

"Kind of like the good deed you're doing right now?" I smiled.

"Yeah, something like that." He looked at me. "See you later. Like tonight."

I nodded biting my bottom lip. I still wondered what that something was. Should I be afraid? Very afraid? I had the rest of the day to think about it.

So just how happy was I to see Nez when I got home? Very. I was so trying to get a hang of the job. People's names, where things went. It was a bit of a tedious job and as much as they wanted to go green and cut down the paper trail to save a forest, there were still things to file and well, shred. Yeah, I did a lot shredding.

Of course, when I got home, it looked like everyone was going out. Penn had a cocktail meeting and was bringing Franka along to show her off. And I think Hope had a date with Strawberry. Something like that. Like they'd tell me, anything. Not.

"You know, don't you, they don't have real jobs?" Nez then said when we had the kitchen all to ourselves.

"What?" They had to be rich. They had things, like clothes and bobbles and impressive fun things to listen too.

"They're just posers." He shrugged as he went to the fridge to look for something to eat.

"Are they now?" I almost chuckled, looking down at my mary-janes that were a size too big for me, but I'd worn someones thick socks that came to my knees. Yeap, I looked like a rather pathetic girl in a school uniform.

"That's what I said." He looked back at me. "Get changed."

"For what?" I looked at him. I didn't have so many things to wear. As it was, I had pretty much dug through dirty clothes to find this.

"Something casual." He shrugged. "Just put on something of mine."

"OK." Hopefully, we weren't going out to kill food in New York City. So I went up to the room, and looked around. He had his drawing tacted to the wall. I hadn't really taken a good look at them. Just faces. None that I knew. Definitely, no one in the brownstone. People from the street with cold dark glares. Kind of grim. I guessed.

I opened his dresser and found a thin T to put on that was so relaxing. Lord knows, how old it was, but is was so soft and smelled slightly of him, sweet like damp fresh grass or was that his hair that smelled that way... I reached for some boxers too and came back down barefooted.

"So we are staying in, right?" I hoped.

"Well, yeah." He nodded. "But I'm sure if you really wanted to go out, we could."

"Not really." I yawned.

I  watched him get out eggs and oil. There was a cake mix.

"I know what you want." He looked back at me.

"I just bet you do." I had no idea where this was going, actually.

"Cupcakes." He started making the batter. "You see, putting on the icing is soothing and kind of messy."

I nodded. Still thinking back about the old woman he'd mentioned before. "Can I ask you a question?"

"No. I'm not married." He told me.

"Good to know, but that wasn't the question." I gave him a serious look, watching him carefully get the batter in the cupcake pan.

"It wasn't?" He grinned. "See, I can't read minds, and I bet you thought I did."

"What happened to that old woman?"

"She died." He assured me.

"OK." I nodded, but I wanted to know more.

"What, you think I killed her?" Nez popped the cupcakes in the oven. The screech of the oven door almost made me jump.

"Uh." I was getting nervous, wondering where all the kitchen knives might be located in thr kitchen.

He just leaned there against the sink with his arms crossed, watching me.

"All right, I won't make you squirm. She lost her mind first." He slightly winced.

"Like how?" Did it involve snakes, or drugs, scientific probes?

"It wasn't in a day or anything. More like months, then weeks, finally days. She'd had a pretty good life and then she stopped remembering the closest people around her, and then she found me. She thought she knew me. She really did." He sighed.

"Did she?" I winced.

"No." He gritted. "Look, don't think I'm a bad person because I did it, you know. Being with her, til the end. I-I guess I had nothing else to do. And she was a writer. She just talked about people in her head. And I would just listen. Try to write it down the best I could." His blank face pained me.

I just nodded. There was a silence that grew and before I knew it...the timer dinged. Had it been that long? I sucked in a breath as I watched him get out the pan. He was different from the rest. While they had to have something exciting to do and everything was becoming more and more boring by the minute, here was Nez finding the smallest things to make everything a wonder. Even, right there in the kitchen.

I helped him ice the cupcakes. He made me smile with his smile. And suddenly we were laughing. I really saw him. Fascinating, just as he was making cupcakes with me.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Get him to the Greek - movie review

This comedy is loosely based on characters from Forgetting Sarah Marshall, but mind you, you don't really have to see Forgetting Sarah Marshall to enjoy this feature motion picture. Naturally, it has Russell Brand (Aldous Snow) who does what he does best. The almost has been rock star just sang the wrong song. His tunes are  quite explicit to say the least, but he goes over the line with African Child as the movie opens up. As well..he may really rub some the wrong way with is "Space Jesus" monologue..but as you watch're thinking it.

There is his one remaining die-hard fan, Hill (OK, there are many who just didn't like that last song), and not once do they ask each other "have we met before..." This has to be one of Jonah Hills' most mature roles yet. His Aaron Green is quite green at the record company where he works while his outrageous boss (Sean Combs) is shooting them all down with their pitches for hitting cash in these hardtimes with music artists..suddenly, Aaron is golden with his idea about Aldous' comeback. So the games begin.

The movie is full of sex, drugs and what ever a rock'n roller needs to make it through this cruel world. And naturally, Rus can bring it with his brand of raunchiness. Yeah, he's a sex animal with his Jackie Q (Rose Byrne) and then some.

My favorite cameo would have to be Tom Felton's. If only he could have been in the film longer, but he was great. So cool. And well, so Tom..the way I'd definitely want him to be.

Brand does some very explicit songs along the way. My favorite "Bangers, beans and mash". There are some tender moments too. Its not all a rollercoaster of havoc. Aaron's sweetie, Daphne played by Elisabeth Moss was priceless. I did love their moments together as the hard working doctor who always seemed to be on call. These are Jason Segel's characters even if the screenplay was written by Nicholas still get Jason's vibe.

You can only hope Russ and Katy can make it work some day. I have a feeling he might be a really cool guy, after all.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Unnatural History

Is it so unnatural to have a live show on Cartoon Network?

Well, take a look, its summer, and the powers that be at TOON decided to refresh the Sunday night line up at 7 p.m central and 8 p.m. eastern with an action packed show that you would think..hey this guy has to be Indiana Jones' grandson (no hideous laugh track either!). The halls of the school greatly remind me of some thing from an old Indiana Jones film. You would swear Professor Jones had taught right there in one of those class rooms where Henry and Jasper take test. Henry(Kevin Schmidt) has grown up as a wild child in jungles and exotic locations and now his parents have sent him to live with his uncle in Washington D.C.

Just a little side-bar here..Schmidt comes from an acting family. His brother Kendall in the lead singer and stars in NICK's Big Time Rush. His brother Kenneth is in the business too. And they are all hard working and constantly using their creativity to show us they can handle just about anything. As Kevin does with his ability.. walking up buildings, flips and other adventurous stunts on the show.

Back to the show now, to round out Henry's ingenuity to find a mystery and solve it is his likable cousin Jasper played by none other than Jordon Garvis who shows him the ropes of what real high school is all about. The two are sleuthing around museums and all sorts of places. Of course, they get the facts from Maggie played by Italia Ricci. Its been said she's one to watch for. She's been in such shows as How I met your Mother.

So give this show a chance. Its one that's more than just a kid's show. People of all ages can enjoy it. And you just might want to check out Jordy and Kev too. They make a pretty clever trio worth watching.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

the glam tour

I had the last minute opportunity to go to an Adam Lambert concert last week in Council Bluffs. It was an outdoor concert and over age 21 show. So there were a mix of people I normally don't see at shows. Old people and lots of alcohol. The show was set up between the showboat casino and behind the casino's hotel. This meant bring your own lawn chair. We had to stand in line for a bit, but really, it wasn't that bad even if the conditions were muggy and hot. It was also in Iowa, which is the new gateway for gay marriage. Perhaps, thats why Adam decided to make a stop here. Whatever reason, we're glad he did. He certainly knows how to bring it. And he had plenty of costume changes and dancers too. He loves to bring on the suspense. Seriously, I thought he wasn't going to be there when his first song started. It seemed to take him forever to get on the stage. Honestly, it would have been more of a glam tour if AFI had been with Adam. But who would open, huh? They'd been in Omaha just a few days earlier playing at the Sokol which I have to admit I am fond of that small venue. Still. Lots of rocking shows there over the last few decades. Sorry, I have a crappy camera. It was a long evening. Especially the waiting and well, we did not sit close enough as I wanted, but still the music was loud. It was summer and well, I'm glad I had a chance to go and see Allison Iraheta team up with Orianthi. Granted I felt both were out of their element. Over dressed, for one thing. But those two belted it out and tried to move the crowd. Of course, most had came to see Adam. I love Michael Jackson's last great find, perhaps, Orianthi. This girl can so rock it on the guitar. I do think they would have gotten more of a crowd at an underage show. As it was, the song came on before Alison did, and she left the stage before her small set was over. It was a little sad. I do like her CD. She's lost so much weight. Perhaps its more sweat than stress. It was so hot and muggy. Ori on the other hand, talked a little about where she was from, but no mention of Michael Jackson. Of course, what sets her apart from others on her new CD is the lead guitar solos. If you really love some electric to listen to, she's your girl.

Lets say there was a lot of hugging and kissing of the gay kind at the show. My brother told me the next time Adam plays, not to take him. I did see someone's grandmother get the boot. Not sure if she was escorted out because she said too much while under the influence of alcohol, or she was just frustrated with those girls and the hoola hoops who thought they were hot stuff and taking too much valuable space, where I could have been sitting.

Honestly though, I think Adam has hit an unusual realm for an audience. Everyone's mother and the gay dude who must have slid into those pants with butter. Not that I'm saying anything is wrong with that, but I know a lot of us from a younger scene... find- to be a bit put off with him. Maybe its that.. he doesn't leave much to the imagination in song. Granted, he could be a new Freddie Mercury..but Freddie would have never taken a road quite like this. He let the music speak for itself..a lot the way Meeka does. As I was leaving the show, I spotted quite a few under age girls though..possibly 11 that had some how slipped in near the end to watch. Unfortunately, a few sloshed drunks around. Can't say the timing was perfect, but lots of security on the walk out.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pretty Little Liars

OMG....If only Gossip Girl could be this sultry. LIE. Lie..liar.. What's that they say..never trust a pretty girl with an ugly secret?

From the get go you have Ari getting in over head with some guy at the local bar's loo. Hot and heavy. Lucy Hale plays Ari who's back from Iceland. As the story progresses we learn..she just made out with her new English teacher..and she knows what her dad, Chad Lowe did in his car with a student last year. But her parents Chad and Holly Combs are putting things back together. Just an inkling of Picket Fences might prevail....because they have a secret...(Troian Avery Bellisario, Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson and Shay Mitchell) and they know Amber knows all. Even their secrets now. But could Jenna have something to do with it? That must be where the secret starts. And yet we learn at the end that their missing friend is dead. Or is she? Jenna shows up, blind at the funeral.

I definitely thought the show was well written and showed some real girl problems, falling in lust or love with the wrong guy, shop-lifting, over-eating and even a playful lesbian story-line that was well needed.

Honestly, I was shocked by ABC Family. Granted, I'm a GREEK lover, but I seriously felt the network failed with the uber-preachy saga of THE SECRET LIFE OF AN AMERICAN TEENAGER. Still am not a fan of that show. But this just might be what the doctor ordered for the summer. A mystery. With little secrets at every turn.

Monday, June 7, 2010

nothing special

OK, I'm depressed. What else is new? Blogger is being funky on me, on top of everything else. If that wasn't enough, yesterday my laptop went weird. Luckily, Jonah got it fixed. And then before I knew it, Blogger had issues. Can't edit stuff I've already scheduled. Yeah, I'm the worst editor in the world..if you haven't guessed, already.

So, other than that, I feel as if I've had this really low-blow of some kind. Still.

My brother came over and we made something vegetarian. Not really his favorite thing, but we didn't starve. It was ratatouille. Lots of chopping was involved. Then we watched some episodes of The Inbetweeners. I so love the guy who plays Simon on the show. Just something about him. He seems sweet, but quite oblivious to everything. Maybe I need to be more like that right now, too.

Anyway, I don't know if this will publish or not.I thought I'd try. I can't leave comments. I had no idea this would upset me, this much. I don't have much time. I should be eating lunch and getting back to work.

Really, I didn't do much of anything this weekend. But I wrote a little and well, I want to write more if Blogger ever gets fixed so I can do that. Well, I'll write somewhere to store it and hopefully get it where it needs to go. I hope.

Its like the worst Monday ever. It might rain. Of course, it could be worse. Storms. Tornadoes. Miserable times in the mid-west. The wind gets so bad, it knocks down trees. Of course, cotton-woods are hallow and well, you wouldn't think they'd be dangerous, but they are.

Hopefully, next time I'll be in a great mood when I post. I'll try.