Friday, April 23, 2010


Yet again Nickelodeon bites back with yet another teen comedy. Tori Vega (Victoria Justice) from Zoey 101 has now started high school at the prestiageous Fine Arts school in L.A. or somewhere around there. Why did it have to be a comedy? Well, it is Nickelodeon. Granted, its slightly better than BIG TIME RUSH. Victorious has Avan Jogia to the rescue and you know how serious he is. Thank God. Its said he and Tori are dating in real-life. Dang.

Anyway, the show has Daniella Monet as Tori's sister, although she might get 30 seconds on the show. And then there is Liz Gillis as Jade. The mean girl who..guess..oh yeah, she can act circles around Tori..and has Avan Jogia's Beck as her boyfriend. You can just tell Tori is longing for him. yadayadayada..she needs the whole gang to help her be one of them at this wonderful school. It would have been so much better as..lets say..a drama..kind of an L.A. Fame. But you know, that can't happen with budget cuts and the lack of fine art filming. No, you get lame situations of Tori questioning..'what is this?'..holds up prop...Really, she has all the makings of the girl next door... that a John Stamos character would fall in love with and later gets her own show on the CW like Lori Loughlin with Summerland and maybe just maybe Justin Bieber will star in it as her teen nephew..some day....

Naturally, someone I know had her own take on the show. She thinks Liz Gills, if given half a chance could be the American version of Skins' Effy. Well, possibly not exactly Effy, but a little bit. So she started..naturally a fan fiction.

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