Sunday, March 28, 2010

word has it

Tom Pelton is off in Germany making a film with Twilight's Ashley Greene in a film by some Oklahoma director(Todd Lincoln) called Apparition. Also Freddie (Lucas Pasqualino ) from Skins is in it, as well. The premise is about a college couple making a film. And well, I guess an old ghost comes back to haunt Tom's character. Something like that. Oh, the ideas its giving me..hehehee. Anyway, the premise is just a bit like the American made horror film that came out in 2009. Dread.

Its a short story written by Clive Barker that made the AFTER DARK HORROR FEST COLLECTION - 8 films to die for. Or this might be an easy way of saying..a film that went straight to DVD. This film stars none other than Twilight's Jackson Rathbone. One has to wonder if Jackson hadn't made the cut of Jasper if he'd been the king of horrorfest... that may or may not have transformed him into a new Johnny Depp(remember that's how Johnny got his start). OK, we know..Jack is no Johnny. Neither is he America's answer to Aaron Johnson, either.

Sorry, I got off track there. But as eye-candy as Rathbone is to American cinema, honestly, I don't think a director has actually given Rathbone a real chance to act. Just recently, I let a friend borrow my  S. Darko dvd, and she said she would have had more fun watching the movie without the sound. It was badly written and directed. Even so, all those faces Rathbone made in the film were the best part of the movie. OK, I'm rambling about him again..I know..but honestly, this guy has got to find better movie choices. And I have to wonder the same thing about Tom Felton. We've got two actors. One American. The other Brit ...that are a great part of a movie series based on books. But they are only bit parts on the screen. So, do we see these faces in our heads, often? Of course, possibly more so than the main characters ...why?

Because we want stories about those characters. So we are busy with fan fic to fill that void. Now will we ever get just a Draco movie? Never. Could Jasper ever go solo? Yeah, right. So they leave us in limbo. Checking IMDB ever so often, hoping these two have made the cut in another movie. Yet, somehow feeling missed out in the end that they didn't get the film they deserved. If only writers and directors could think like us.

OK..I must admit I'd rather listen to Tom sing than Jack..anyday.

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